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Sick of being sick

Hello all

I'm new here and wondered if anyone out there feels like me and how they overcome it?

Lately I have so many fears about being ill that I am almost embarrassed to go to the doctor again! but also scared of ignoring symptom that might be serious. Found this site by accident , and thought how friendly some of the responses were, so thought I would ask if anybody else feels this way. ?

I have a good family but I m sure they think I am worrying unnecessarily , hope they are right .

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Welcome to the group! Feel free to keep posting your questions and/or comments.

It isn't unusual to feel like you're sick of going to the doctors all the time. I go to the doctor for all different issues, but they are because of being diabetic and other reasons. What kind of symptoms are you having? Has the doctor done any tests to say what the cause can be?

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Hi Denanne21 it must be very miserable with these fears. I am a great believer in past experiences colouring our lives in the present. I have battled with many unpleasant feelings. In the past I suffered regularly with depression. It is a long story so I will talk of the here and now. I was so fortunate to be put in contact(by my Dr) to a wonderful Dr and an amazing but simple technique called EFT. I will try and be simple in my explanation and hope I get it right! The body has energy flow that can get blocked and basically EFT releases these blockages and away go the horrible feelings. That is a VERY SIMPLE explanation. It is done by tapping. My Dr. is so impressed with the results that she has gone on courses and I believe she now speaks to others. Luckily today more attention is paid to our mental( NO you are not going up the wall) hiccups. The other area you could look at is THE POWER WITHIN IN YOU and YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE by LOUIS HAY I used her along with my EFT. I do realize that different things suit different people and it may not be for you. Some of my friends think I am potty but I do not care. I know how much better I feel and how much better I cope with situations. I persevered because these horrid feelings spoilt the quality of my life and I will say this. I have been brave. It is not easy to face the boggy man but by golly you feel great when you have knocked him on the head. I do hope that this may give you something to think about. Look up EFT on the internet it will give you all the gen. do chat more if you would like. I do not have my lap top tied to my hip so may not be instant in response. look after yourself and tell those fears to B.. off. 2well-ington


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