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One of my pear trees 🍐

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Hi everyone,

This is one of the heritage pear trees I planted late last year and I’m very pleased with how it’s flowering, I have apple trees as well and a quince which’s coming into flower but this one is very attractive so I’m glad I planted them last year as I love the spring blossom of fruit trees too.

Because of the lockdown I’m also growing baby salad leaves and they are shooting so as they are one of my favourite salads I’m glad I bought some seeds and even have some growing in my front garden.

Behind the tree is my den which’s a bit overgrown but the birds and bees like it so that’s fine with me.

It keeps me occupied and I have a lot of personal space too so am happy how it is developing.

If any of you are growing your own then please say and keep safe and well.

Jerry 🌈😊🍐

30 Replies
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Wow! That’s wonderful to see! I have a few trees that give fruit, but we can’t eat the cherries, unfortunately. The tree is in the front yard.

Enjoy the day!πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸŒˆ

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Thanks Leah and cherry trees are really pretty in bloom. 🌈😊

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Yes! I really like how they look when they pop open. :-)

So pretty (and you have all that lovely fruit to look forward to). I'm loving the look of that den, too... Reminds me of one of my hideouts as a child...

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Hey thanks TheDrivenSnow a family owned it and there was a tree house there but I can sit on a log under there and I like that. 🌈😊

What beautiful blossom on the pear tree Jerry, it looks so pretty.

I do love the look of your garden and I can only imagine the wildlife you see, how rewarding is that. It's a great looking den and my grandchildren would love something like that, you'd never see them ;)

How fabulous that you are growing some of your own produce, ideal and it will taste so much better. My mum used to grow loads of vegetables, some fruit but mainly vegetables, and you couldn't beat the flavour and also naturally organic, what's not to love.

Enjoy your garden.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia :)

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Thanks Alicia I let the boars come in here so imagine they’ll be scrumping the fruit fortunately they don’t like rhubarb so I’ve got quite a lot of that growing. And I’ve a hedge of red and black currants so we will see. Also the woodpeckers love it as there are 2 fully grown sycamore trees.

Your mum was a wise woman that’s for sure. 🌈😊

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Well I've heard of children scrumping but boars, now that's another thing ;). I'm glad they don't like rhubarb, it's a gorgeous fruit, I love it. My mum used to have both red and blackcurrants and used to make jars of jelly with it. How lovely to have woodpeckers, you must get a lovely view of the wildlife in your garden.

Yes my mum was very wise and had oodles of common sense as well, she was awesome. :)

Very pretty blossoms Jerry. I have a little herb garden that needs to be used. Please can you give me some tips regarding this?πŸ™‚

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Hi Veeee thank you and I’d buy some of your favourite potted herbs from a good source or just rake it weed it and plant some seeds as it’s wonderful watching plants grow from seeds. 🌈😊🌱

I'm glad you're happy with how your plot is all coming together. The blossom looks lovely. I wonder when you will get fruit, would it be this year? . Blimey Jerry I just asked phil what we had growing and apparently We have onions, edible flowers, potatoes, purple carrots, golden courgettes, red sprouts, stripped and unstriped tomatoes, squash, broadbeans. I didnt realise we had so much. Most of it is growing from seeds which have now popped up. Potatoes and onions planted in the garden. It's making me laugh as our garden is tiny. I'll keep you posted πŸ˜‚

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Thanks Ali it’s early days and I want more fruit trees, I’m impressed with what Phil has planted while you’ve been out gallivanting with Lola...I hope you have a great crop. πŸŒˆπŸ§…πŸ§„πŸ₯¬πŸ₯•πŸ₯¦πŸ˜Š

What a pretty little tree!

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Thanks I’m really pleased as I only planted it 6 months ago so it’s obviously happy and I love looking out onto the blossom 🌈🌞

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Hi Hidden

Your pear tree is really pretty with the blossom - and it's great that you're also enjoying growing the baby salad leaves too - hopefully you'll get a great crop of produce.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest I hope I have a good crop of salad. 🌈😊

Gorgeous blossom. x

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Thank you I’m pleased with it. 🌈😊


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Thank you Lossiegreen I'm impressed with it as it cheers me up. 🌈🌞

Hi Jerry

It’s lovely to hear you’ve got an orchard in the making!

Like you I love the blossoms and fruit is a bonus.

We have a very small garden and very small fruit trees: yellow plum, family pear (3 varieties), a hand grafted apple, cherry in a pot! and a standard pear in a pot (in the ground).

Good luck with the pears.

Stay safe🌈

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Hey thanks cog4, there used to be an orchard here so I wanted to see how I got on with fruit trees.

Your yellow plum sounds great as I love most fruits and think that what you are doing is great growing miniature fruit trees in pots, I imagine they need a lot of watering but thats part of the pleasure of enjoying your garden, so nice one.

If you ever want to post photo's pf your trees then please do as they sound impressive.

You stay safe and enjoy your garden now. 🌈🍎

That looks lovely Jerry, our crab apple is in blossom, the birds love the crab apples, my tiny apple tree is covered in blossom, Grandad planted it for me when I was born and then we managed to dig it up and replant it at our house. I am growing salad leaves too, trying cabbage and Brussels sprouts along with courgettes and tomatoes. Fingers crossed. The garden gives us so much pleasure, thank you for sharing your photo.

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Hey thank you, your carb apple sounds a treasure so I'm pleased that it transplanted OK.

And good for you for growing salad and veggies I hope that you have a great crop. 🌈🌞

That is such a pretty tree showing off its blossom, thank you, really cheering.

I love the idea of your den.

Hopefully your boar don't decide to take up residence. Are they wild?

I've got a huge crop coming in on the Mulberries. I've noticed the blackbird pair loitering. They only come into the garden at Mulberry time.

My fig is putting on a lot of growth with all the rain, so I'm hoping for a big crop, not that I ever get to eat many, too much competition from the birds & wasps.

What else? Ah, the olive trees, they fruit but I don't have enough trees to make any use of the olives, also I've cloud pruned one of them which I admire every day.

Mustn't forget the Walnut tree, which gives a good crop so long as I get there before the dog, otherwise she'll do her best to scoff the majority of them.

Have a happy day in your garden.

Thank you it is a pretty little tree and stands out amongst the others, the boars are indeed wild and have their own entrance so come and go as they please. I have a couple of well established hazelnut trees already.

You fig tree sounds lovely I like the thought of growing figs as do you mulberries olives and walnuts so I am impressed so nice one I hope that you have a great crop. 🌈🌞

It’s quite thrilling when the seeds you’ve planted begin to sprout 😁. This year I’m growing salad leaves...shiso, sorrel, rocket and some tomatoes, cucumbers and butternut squash. Also stir fry kale and ruby chard. I’m also growing lots of edible flowers like nasturtium and Korean mint. Can’t wait for them to get bigger 😁

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Hey good for you MTCee I hope that you have a great crop 🌈🌞

Trying to grow my own but bringing Compost home on my trolley is an art in itself! My garden is a wasteland of paving, tarmac and shingle!

Cheers, Midori

I bet it’s really relaxing to sit in your den and soak up the sounds of the wildlife? Bliss! 😊

Shame the April showers have taken hold today.. The only positive thing for me about the weather was that it appears to have put people off shopping. I didn’t have to queue to get into Sainsbury’s! Yay!

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