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New here and looking for advice!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Joshua Mallicoat and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in September of this year and I am new to this. I am on Avonex that I take once every Friday. I finally decided to come on here and talk to you guys and be in the community to help out. I tried to make friends here in Tennessee and being a gay male doesn't work out too good where I am at. So I have a few questions if anyone would be able to help that would be splendid! I wanted to do a Go fund me page to get me and my fiance out to Colorado to be able to get better healthcare because my doctor had to fight my insurance for 3 months just to get me on Lyrica! :( So do you guys have any advice on what to say because I have never done one and would I be able to post my stuff on here when I am done because I am trying my best to get out of this state to be able to live somewhere that is comfortable with me! I am sorry for asking so many questions being new but any advice or answers would be nice! I also have facebook so if you guys would like to add me just let me know! Ty so much.

Joshua Mallicoat

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Hi Joshua,

I'm sorry to hear about your MS & personal situation, also that you're struggling to get the help you need. It makes me sad that some people seem to be getting more bigotted towards others, not just parts of the US.

Eating clean unprocesed food is important for everyone, & may help you to feel better. Some people find exclusion diets helpful, & cut out food groups that contain gluten, dairy, or nightshades (potato, tomato, augbergine, etc). Some food allergens can take 3 months to work out of your system, but some find benefit sooner. I'm vegetarian, so exclude animal products, medication aside.

Have you had your B12 levels checked? I've recently been reading increased dosage might help with MS, & also inositol, which used to be thought of as vitamin B8.

You might find more specific help joining the PA, & other groups on this website.


Hi Joshua

Hope you do not mind me butting in. Please find a link below to a community that seems to be awesome with some really good people and advice. You may have a hell of a journey in front of you so would strongly advise you to link in with them. I looked after two MS sufferers many years ago, each with very different symptoms and timelines re diagnosis etc. Best wishes

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