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Differentiate between good and bad carbs


For anyone who follows my posts I always try to emphasise the importance of good (unrefined) carbs as opposed to bad (refined) carbs. This is highlighted today at economictimes.indiatimes.co...

The headline does not differentiate but if you read the text of the article, "eating moderate amounts of fats and starchy foods such as whole grains, potatoes and legumes after treatment could have protective benefits, reducing patients' risks of disease recurrence and death."

This is what exactly I am talking about. Bad carbs are largely implicated with bad outcomes across the board, whilst good carbs are implicated in good outcomes across the board.

So when you see people & articles labelling all carbs as bad, question what they are saying. You might be missing out on a healthy life!

Eat the whole food and nothing but the whole food.

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tell the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth.

i dont think there be much of this link either.

may be this, may be that. love your bit of scaremongering dont you.

is this what this forum is about?

you must have friends in high places to get away with stuff like this.

i keep on hearing that if you only eat vegetables you can "maybe" end up brain damage . 😊

andyswarbs in reply to Hidden

Hi Luckyyou. This forum is titled healthyeating. As far as i know that means health for the short, medium and long term. I am sorry if the research doesn't report what you want to hear. I did not invent the research out of thin air. It is out there, there is a lot of it and it tells a consistent story.

The author of this paper has a list of the papers she has published at norc.uab.edu/people/agoss. If you look at the list of papers I think you can agree that this person has quite strong credentials on the subject. But I guess she may be biased, and if you think that, then that's could be a valid criticism that undermines her entire research papers. If you think that please let me know.

Hidden in reply to andyswarbs

yes i can read.

may be this and may be that.

how about yes it does do this and it does do that. and here is the proof.

andyswarbs in reply to Hidden

Try this ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/108... entitled "Fiber from whole grains, but not refined grains, is inversely associated with all-cause mortality in older women: the Iowa women's health study."

In future I will try to structure as you suggest. Thanks.

Good post Andy. I find it bizarre that carbohydrate is treated like toxic waste in some quarters.

I try to use wholemeal in most of my cooking but some things just need that white flour to work sadly. As all my food is prepared from scratch I feel that a bit of unbleached white flour is not going to do any damage.

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