CHD + Statins = very confused!

Hi all, my other half has been diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease and is due to go into hospital soon for an investigative operation to see if he needs a stent or bypass. He has been prescribed statins to lower his cholesterol, which he is reluctantly taking and getting some side effects, which the Doctor said he would experience. We know statins have a very bad reputation and after the operation, we want to go the 'natural' way to help him reduce his cholesterol and high blood pressure, so I've joined this group to start learning more. We know that diet and lifestyle needs to be adjusted, which we are doing, but we are curious on what natural remedies are out there. I appreciate that there will be some responses to my message, and please know that I do appreciate them, but just as a heads up, I'm not always online to respond immediately ;-). Thanks for reading and any advice sent our way.


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7 Replies

  • If you can log into me, Anne76 on the forum you will find a lot of information

  • Hi Anne76, thanks for your reply, but I'm not sure what you mean or do when you say to log into you on the forum ... As you can tell, I'm really 'new' to this forum lark ;-). Sorry to be dumb, but I would appreciate it if you could guide me to how I do this. Thanks ever so much :-)!

  • Hi Anne76, scrub my last reply ... I think I've found it ... doh! It is obviously far too early for my brain to be engaged ... I'll go and catch up the rest of the zzzz's and check out the information later, thanks again!

  • When you have time look up Dr Esselstyne on the web, Bill Clinton follows him after is heart attack. Also look at Forks over Knives website.

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your husband but you can do a lot ie, put flax seed on his breakfast eat lots of nuts , porridge in the morning helps a lot. I had to change my lifestyle a great deal and now have normal blood pressure and my cholesterol is coming down, look on websites it is a great help.

  • If you want to avoid statins maybe you might like to try plant sterol tablets which are from natural sources and seem to have no side effects. You can get them from main supplement suppliers. Try "Natures Best". I have no connection with them but there are several customer comments on the product on the site.

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