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I've been doing really well with the healthy eating and exercise and have lost 22.9lb since August 3rd, the problem is I'm get really bored with eating the same things over and over again and feel like this is where I might end up slipping.. I work 12 hour shifts 3-4 days a week so I'm just wondering if anyone has any recipes for anything I can batch cook and then store to take to work and eat throughout the week


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  • Homemade soup is great to make..and great in cold autumn nights..

  • Roasts are great as well put it in the slow cooker. When you are finished just cut it up put in containers add some veggies with a bit of rice, sweet potatoes etc on the side. But pinterest has a lot of great roast recipes!

  • I batch cook. I roast an entire oven of various veggies (squash, peppers etc). They keep in the fridge for days. I then use these with cous cous, pasta sauces, add to wraps. Also I make a mince (I am a veggie so use quorn) and tomato sauce. This can then be turned into spag bol, cottage pie, beans and chilli added to make chilli. All heat up well in a microwave od you have one at work and keeps for days in the fridge and also freeze well.

  • Try the smart recipe app it's free to download. It gives you breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. It tells you calorific value etc. Wide range and delicious.

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