Any ideas peeps?

So, I'm suffering from nervous anxiety, I'm over weight and struggling to lose weight despite eating healthy, also having issues with my skin, rashes that occur often, and I have chicken skin which drives me nuts. Also the past month really bad bloating and gas, Any tips as to foods or whatever that might actually help with any of the above? Clearly something is wrong because I'm always feeling ill and I'm so fed up with it 🍁


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  • It could be a thyroid problem, some of those are symptoms of hypothyroidism.

    Could also be caused by intolerance or allergy to certain foods i.e. dairy or gluten.

    Maybe worth firstly getting your thyroid tested TSH, FT3 and FT4.

    Then going gluten free for a week see how you feel. You will need to be strict in that week and you may feel worse (which actually is a good indication that you do have a problem) .

  • Thankyou for your help, do I have to go to my doctor and ask to be tested?

  • That would be ideal. If he won't test then you could get the tests done privately. Are you in the UK?

  • Yeah I am and petrified of the doctors so plucking up the courage for this one could be a problem 🌾

  • Is there a family member or trusted friend that can go along with you?

  • Oh yeah absolutely, everyone's really good with me I just struggle so much with things like this, at least people know I never waste the gp's time hey! 🌷

  • Since I cut out bread and wheat based products following a low carb diet my bloating has stopped

    I have hot water with lemon as my first drink in the morning which is supposed to alkalinity the stomache followed by Greek yoghurt berries and nuts and seeds

    Mix melted organic coconut oil with a pure essential oil of your choice for your skin

    Good luck

  • I will try that thankyou 🌻

  • Chicken skin could be coeliac or gluten/wheat intolerance.

    Have you had your thyroid hormones checked? Being in normal range doesn't necessarily mean you don't need them.

  • Agreed. When I was young they always said that my hormone levels were in normal range. It wasn't until I saw a doctor at about 28 that she looked back and said "yes" but you've always been right on the cusp"

  • Maybe it's certain foods you need to cut out? Bloating could be due to too much wheat/carbs?

    You could try some herbal teas, fennel, peppermint, green tea etc are good for bloating.

    Have you heard of the books eat right for your blood type? Maybe it's worth looking into one of those, find out your blood type and it tells you what foods to avoid. For example I'm A+ so not really a meat eater, I eat mostly veg and pulses etc and if I have too much caffeine or sugar my skin pays for it. Try different things because not everything works for all of us. Hope I've helped x

  • Hi I too over time suffered with nervous anxiety. Healthy eating obviously is beneficial but perhaps looking for what drives you. My doctor sent me to another doctor who practices a technique called EFT, emotional freedom technique. I am a different person. My doctor was so impressed she has gone on courses. My skin used to drive me mad, itching, rashes etc. Sometimes unresolved things in the past can be a nuisance to us later in life coming out physically. It has helped me so much but it would have to be something that you are comfortable looking at and along with your healthy diet may be beneficial for you. I hesitate to put this forward as it is a very personal approach but I had to mention it because I know what it has done for me. Other replies may be helpful to you too.My heart goes out to you because I know how wretched it can be.Lots and lots of luck.2well-ington. I might add this is the first site I have been brave enough to put forward my own thoughts. My heart pounds a little but I can do it.

  • Have you had tests for underactive thyroid? Although doctors are loathe to treat people that are in their beloved 'grey area'. I still have lots of symptoms including emotional ones, but at least I have daily meds to top up my levels. Im going through the menopause too which can bring on similar symptoms. I switched from coffee to tea, take a nap in the afternoon if i can (even 15 minutes of sleep can be a great relief, the chance for your whole body to restore itself). You might try gluten free products to see if the bloating diminishes too, I keep meaning to but I'm not great at committing to diets. I often eat oatcakes rather than bread though, or ryvita (dark rye), this definitely reduces bloating for me!! Sleep is a cure-all so I would work on that first of all.

  • I shall have a look. Thankyou everyone for helping 👍💖

  • It says the author has deleted the site 😶

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