Hi everyone, just been advised today to have my gallbladder removed. I am in severe pain sometimes but can be ok on other days and controlled with pain relief. Really unsure whether to have gallbladder removed or not and just grin and bear the pain??? As there seems risks whether u have surgery or not?? Anyone any experience of gallstones and/or associated risks


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  • I had gallstones, severe pain 😢 I amended my diet and have had no problem since, were you advised the same? Mine was fat, especially cheese and dairy 😕

    Good luck

  • Had mine removed don't miss it better Han been in pain

  • Just get rid - you don't need it anyway! I had gallstones about 5 years ago - the pain was indescribable I really thought that my number was up. I was rushed into hospital where it was found that I had an infection due to one of the stones being stuck - once that was cleared up I was booked in for the op and I have never looked back. Of course there were the usual problems i.e. post op pain and healing but if I needed to I wouldn't hesitate to have it done again!! Good luck with your choice.

  • Having my gallbladder removed was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was no longer sick when I ate a variety of foods. I just wish I had insurance at the time and was able to determine the issue before I had a severe attack and needed removal.

  • Yes you are right to ponder i had mine removed nothing to worry about there but and this is the dilemma what comes after. was I unlucky acid bile build up constant. and no real help to get over it. they state the other option costs a lot more to carry out, so who pays we all do and always have done, looking back i should have refused the operation

  • do it , you will so happy with a normal life afterwards , I'm going through it now and its horrible , before the surgery a month of nausea and lower back pain everyday, and could only stand for ten minutes before I was forced to sit. now one week after I'm in so much pain that I have started sleeping on the bathroom floor, my belly so bloater , I can't eat, can't poop , can't throw up, can't fart, hard to sleep its been a week of this, I took all the things they told me to , to get my bowels going but it would go in and not come out, so yesterday I did an enema, and that got me unblocked , but I still have a long way to go. now I am taking Miramax two in the morning and two at night,, a bottle of magnesium citrate,, two stool softeners, morning and night, even a, Dulce laxative, I'm taking ibuprofen for pain and inflammation, and Nexium for heartburn, I hurt to move , they sent me home , with no stay in hospital , which for me was a bad mistake , I would have suffered so much less, good luck

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