What's the tastiest 5 ingredient superfood mix recipe you know?

What's the tastiest 5 ingredient superfood mix recipe you know?

Like most people don't have time or money to have racks and racks of special ingredients but do like my food tasty.

Whether is be Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale or Spinach sometimes they are fine on their own but for variety would like a spicy, sweeter or varied texture to try.

Any chefs or food creatives out there to help? Vegans feel free to join in.



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  • I'm not sure I agree with this whole 'superfood' label 😕 I think we need to eat a wide variety of foods, fresh produce should make up the bulk of our diet, and as eat many different coloured foods as possible 😊 So for me top of the list would be a crunchy salad with green leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery, red and yellow peppers, and chopped apple. I would add protein, either nuts or cheese or chicken. Seeds are also a good addition. Serve with olive oil and some lovely crusty bread 😊 Super tasty and nutritious 😊

  • Thanks Anna

  • Have you looked on PinInterest? I get most of my recipe ideas from there.

    Depends upon what you are trying to achieve - I am trying to eat for autoimmune disease so very specific anti inflammatory foods which include lots of spice, root ginger, chilli, fresh herbs etc.

    I also use smoothies a lot - base of :- organic pressed apple juice - add peeled root ginger, 1/4 lemon, organic water melon, physilium husks, coconut water - add greens and either avocado or banana, good quality powdered spirrulina algae mix.

    I only use organic produce now as I have found I seem to respond better - same with personal skin products and home cleaning products, eliminated as many contaminants as possible as it is just as important for health as what you eat.

  • Never used pininterest so will check it out. Organic is the best way to go but sticking with freshness and availability can be pricey. I also have a weak immune system so good to hear what really helps you. I was recommended wheat grass powder over algae so I suppose it is whatever works best for you. Thanks for helping.

  • a lot of the food labelled organic is fake. I do feel we need salads , protein , olive oil, lots of greens ,

    its about portions.

  • Interested in organic food being fake. Is is any particular type, fresh veg, fruit etc.? Had not heard of this. I always look for Soil Assn labels where possible, are these being faked too ? Would appreciate further info.

  • Have just had a quick look on the internet and the Soil Assn, say that customers can now be fairly certain that organic food is now labelled fairly. Apparently some years ago a few suppliers were caught out cheating, but that Trading Standards are now quite hot on ensuring UK organic food is as stated. Looks like India, and the USA have had problems with fakers. Hope this tallies with what you know as I endeavour to eat organic whenever possible.

  • yes im from Canada , our organic can be quite fake !

  • Soil Association food is usually hard to find in supermarkets because of their (SA) standards and remember supermarkets coming out with their own versions to beat SA rules.

  • Depends on whether you eat for health or are dieting - this forum is about healthy eating.

  • do you consider kale , pineapple protein , healthy ?

    what r you replying to???

  • Hi Sophie my reply was to the comment on portion control - we are discussing superfoods which for me is an anathema as my view is that food period is 'healthy'. Please see my comment below.

    Portion control is important for maintaining weight, however, good nutrition is far more than weight.

  • thank you , yes I agree we have a blessing of many nutritious foods here , spinach , kale sprouts, veggies , grains.

    it is a life style change.

  • I don't do superfoods , but I do have a varied healthy diet . From all types of salads to fresh home made low salt curries , I only use sweet potato now . Healthy stews , I use a lot of lentils and chickpeas too . I use almond mik and drink lots of green and herbal tea . Sugar free water as water intake is very important .

  • Do you have a couple of tasty curry recipes to share? Thanks for replying. I am thinking of making a stew as on a whim bought some fennel and cubed beef so may add lentils too?

  • Yes of course I can , I will sort them out for you it's no problem at all . Oh the stew sounds lovely ! That touch of fennel will give it a great taste too ! Stews are great to make anyway as you can put what you like in to them and still make it healthy .

  • add some sweet potato , its good

  • Sounds good! I eat stews made with gluten free foods.

  • I had a salad the other day in a pub that was rocket, kale, quinoa, beetroot and red rice. It had a mustard dressing and roast chicken ontop. It was tasty and filling. ☺

  • what pub where ;-)

  • It was quite a posh foodie pub. 😊

  • There are some really good health restaurants in our town and I notice a lot more pubs are offering healthier menu options - even Waitrose have some good salad choices in their cafes.

  • cabbage boiled with veggie hamburg , gree pea pods, add some bits of pineapple and you get a sweet and sour dish yummy!!

  • we do our kale with crushed tomatoes, carrots and spicy hot sauce , you can add protein. cooked Kale , it makes a stew

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