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I eat too many noodles, help!

Hi, I need help with this dilemma...

The effects of eating too many noodles are well documented, and I know what they do to our bodies health-wise. Because of this, I am cutting down.

However I'm really worried: for the past maybe 3-4 years I have had A LOT of noodles in my diet. Generally 2-3 times a week, sometimes even 4-5 depending. Mostly as an afternoon snack. I realise that this is VERY unhealthy, that is why I'm stopping! I'm just scared that I'll get cancer or another serious illness because of my past noodle eating habits. I've heard that eating noodles can cause cancer, ulcers, heart problems etc,,,

Of course during this time I would have healthy dinners and fairly healthy lunches, as well as doing regular excersize.

Is it possible that I can develop cancer etc,,, from my past habits, even if I stop now? I plan on adding more fruit and veg to my lunches as well as replacing Maggi with some unflavoured vermicelli/rice noodles and soy. Will cutting down now and making my diet healthier prevent years of frequently eating unhealthy noodles from taking a toll on me? And is there a chance I could get a serious illness from them?

Many thanks!

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Hello Fluffy,

If you are genuinely concerned about the risks, see your GP and don't Google anything.

FEAR is simply false evidence appearing real. I'm no doctor but I think you should consult one simply to put your mind at rest.

Anit-oxidants in lots of colourful fruit and veg is a brilliant idea. Sounds like you are making progress. I've probably eaten my bodyweight in noodles and So Maggi over the years and I'm still here!! I chew 6 apricot kernels in the morning and 6 at night because someone told me they help to prevent cancer. They taste foul and quite possibly do nothing at all other than help with 'transit' lol, but I feel like I am giving it a go. Supposed to be good for lowering blood pressure too, which is good as I am a salt-lover by nature.

You sound as though you are doing all the rights things, there is nothing we can do about yesterday so try not to worry, let it go. I was a heffer of a fatty smoker at 47 when I had a mini-stroke which livened me up and kicked me into touch re: lifestyle choices. I figure that God hasn't saved me from drowning to kick me to death on the beach.

Everyday I congratulate myself quietly for making better choices that day.

It's like Joyce Meyer says, I'm not where I need to be, but I'm not where I used to be and I'm heading in the right direction NOW and that's what matters.

Go gentle on yourself honey, you will be fine but see your GP if you have any worries.

: ) xx


Thank you Bringondaskinny !! Yes, I realise that the past is the past and there is nothing I can do about it now. Just got to make healthy lifestyle choices in the future :) Thanks for your reply xx


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