So I've been eating healthy, mostly raw, lean protein foods for almost a month. They make up about 99% of my diet now. I have a bit more energy, and it's been fun coming up with new recipes,  but even after I've eaten(healthy) to the point of fullness, I still get cravings for the most unhealthy things!!!! (No, I'm not pregnant) is this a common side effect of making a big diet switch? It's like my body thinks it's going to starve if it doesn't get 6 cheeseburgers RIGHT NOW!!

It's almost like I'm detoxing or something.

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  • Thank you! Yes, I'm aware that you have to "replace" the carbs you don't eat with fat. I eat a lot of nuts and seeds with good fats in them, and I get my protein mostly from Greek yogurt, eggs, nuts and seeds, and chicken and turkey for meat. 

    I've also been learning about good vs empty carbs (I've cut the empty ones almost completely from my diet) 

  • Cravings are the brain trying to tell us what it thinks our bodies need 😕 You seem knowledgeable about nutrition so I doubt you are missing anything, it's just a question of reminding yourself who is in charge!! Lol 😊

  • Lol! Yes, it's certainly building my willpower!!

  • Not just will power - you are creating new eating habits 😊 Apparently after about 28 days these 'lean habits' become easier 😊 Fingers crossed 

  • Too much lean protein is dangerous. Your cravings may be due to depleting your liver of fat soluble vitamins. You risk getting diarrhoea, sickness and even worse. Eat a balanced diet including all of the macro-nutrients for a while.

    Too much protein is also easily turned to glucose, with harmful side-products including ammonia and uric acid. A lean protein diet is not a healthy one.

  • That's what I was going to say.  You really need to eat plenty of good fats, including the fat on the meat, not just lean protein.

  • Thank you!! I'm reconsideringmy diet

  • Maybe just one burger - not 6!!! Lol 😊

  • Haha! I don't like the taste of a lot of meats, so I'm going to make some turkey burgers when I get a chance, and see how I like those! probably won't eat 6 though ;)

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