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Was going ok


Ok thought I would give healthy eating a try, what got me started was the realisation of the amount of sugar in a lot of processed foods.

So I have cut out all sugar apart from fruit and also flour/grains/ gluten, before starting this diet I would also most always have soft stools, switching to this eating plan was like a 180 turn around, solid stools within 2 days, well I can' t stop there as this healthy eating lark is additive so I thought I would give dairy and eggs a miss and see if I had any improvements (tiredness and bad brain fog) well I not sure but there might have been a slight improvement with the brain fog but the stools have gone soft again, I would go once a day without fail, now it,s more like every 2 days and it's boarders get on diarrhoea.

It's been just over a week now and no improvement has started making me doubt myself and all the bad foods have started to look tempting again, I have lost 3 stones, blood pressure has come down but for some reason my digestion is not playing ball.

Anyone had this or can suggested eps hats going on, as I can't figure out why cutting out dairy and eggs would have this affect?

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Is it just that you want solid stools? Why don't you try re-introducing one of the last two foods you eliminated, as you seemed to getting the desired effect before then? Personally I'm not sure why you would want to eliminate eggs? To me, they're like a superfood. All that protein and good fat, and you can do such simple things for meals with them when you're in a rush. Good luck with whatever you decide.

jegg in reply to Jude_8wbsd

Thought I answered this post but it's not showing...it's not that I just want solid stools but believe they are a sign of good digestion which all goes to benefit the body.

Could be he cause of brain fog I suffer from as I've had soft stools for ages.

Just dropped the dairy / eggs for a week so far, guess it's still early days, so I'll give it another few weeks off milk but maybe just another week off eggs and see how I go.

jegg in reply to Jude_8wbsd

Yeah forgot to add, think I just got reading to much as I thought eggs were good too but I googled to much and they appeared on my hit list!

Have you been to your doctor, as it might be ibs or something else?

jegg in reply to Linda_pink

No as. Don't get pain p, just seems strange that stopping sugar and proceeded foods has a positive affect within 1 day , yet when dropping dairy and eggs it all goes back within 1/2 days!

I'm having problems with alternate diarrhoea and constipation - I've lost three and a half stone. I wonder if it is IBS, perhaps that is your issue too. I think we should both take it to a doctor...

jegg in reply to Eatsalottie

Not sure mine is as no pain with it and to be fair my diet was full of processed food previously , dropping those seemed to have fixed it but the dairy/eggs seemed to be a step to far and the soft stools are back!

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