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Hi there, anyone else eat Carob instead of chocolate? I usually buy mine direct from the suppliers and I get carob buttons (they're like chocolate buttons), melt them down and make carob cakes, as well as buying the bars and fondants, it's now getting very 'samey' just wondering if any else eats carob and what do you do to give it a different taste, or know of a different supplier, I use D & D chocolates,  one thing is melted carob mixed with honeycomb (carob crunchie) is really nice, any suggestions will be gratefully received x

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I've tried it, not very impressed, I'd stick to fab Choc myself


I just made for the first time coconut oil, honey, Cacao with a ripe banana fudge like stuff. It is good if you like dark choc. But more important it is very healthy and little calories to curb the "got to have something sweet". For me it is something I can have that wont "feed my cancer" will fight it.


Also I can see making this with berries, or nuts or many other good food choices


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