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Diabetes and hypothyroidism


I was diagnosed with diabetes just a week ago, plus I have had an underactive thyroid for 32 years, apparently they go hand in hand! (wish somebody had told me). I should also have had my thyroxine raised by 25mgs per day 3 months ago. There is a big possibility that the lack of thyroxine over 3 months has tipped me in diabetes 2 simply because my system just could not cope with things quick enough.

I am mystified and terrified by all of this. Has anybody else heard about this?

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It's your carbohydrate metabolism that is struggling to cope. Keeping your total carbohydrate intake to about 40g at each of 3 meals (total 120g, low Gi, low fructose carbs) will help to normalise your blood glucose and insulin levels.

Hi Witsend, only just seen your post. In UK I was diagnosed Hypothyroid in 2000 and put on 100 mg daily.  Around 2009/10 in France was then told I was "borderline" Type 2 Diab. Must confess never seen that the 2 conditions go hand in hand though. 

It's not so much your dietary requirements but the 2 meds that concern me. I was given metformine for the T2. Levo and MetF didn't go well together, I started having muscle weakness, lethargy and fatigue in day, couldn't sleep nights and ended up with a swollen spleen. Because of these, I stopped taking the Met and no Dr ever since has ever queried why they don't have to re-prescribe, I'm perfectly ok on subsequent blood tests with no sign of T2, Total,HDL and all cholesterol levels are fine and have been for years. It's the other health issues that have followed since with me, so I'm not a happy bunny now in that respect! 

Do you get printed copies of your blood tests, if not ask Drs practice for them. 

It was the mix of 2 meds that caused me problems, affecting my red and white blood cells.  Hashimoto's is one of my issues now,  so be careful if you are taking both meds and keep an eye on new symptoms if any appear, if you get any go straight back to doc. I'm not trying to scare you, but think forewarned is forearmed. 

I did lose weight, a lot, not through cutting out gluten or carbs, but through my subsequent health issues! Hope you get on top of things. 

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