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Living with Diabetes DRWF's forthcoming online event πŸ’š

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Good morning everyone,

As we have many members with diabetes and pre-diabetes we are happy to help promote this event especially with DRWF's track record.

DRWF has organised this free online event to help people who have Diabetes:

Here's how to register for the event:

This is the original post by on DRWF:

DRWF received the Quality in Care Award for its highly acclaimed Wellness Events in 2017 the charity was awarded the Judges' Special Award and Highly Commended in the Empowering People with Diabetes category.

Photo courtesy of DRWF.

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Hi Jerry

Thanks for sharing the details of this event, it's great that DRWF has organised this.

Zest :-)

crazyfitnessPWB Guest

Hi Jerry

Very kind of you to share this event for those with Diabetes and pre-Diabetes.

I hope many join the event.

Alicia πŸ‘πŸŒˆ


Thank you, Jerry for posting this in time for National World Diabetes Day ( 11-14-2020). Much appreciated! :-)

I'm surprised to find this promoted in a 'healthy eathing' forum. Surely you should be promoting eating which avoids having to live with bad health. It's well known by now that it's possible to reverse type 2 diabetes with a change of diet.

StillConcerned in reply to Eryl

Who was the doctor that suggested his colleagues wash after they had visited the mortuary before attending maternity? I'm sure many of his colleagues felt insulted by the implication that they, the helpers, were contributing to the downfall of their patients.

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