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Help need some support to loose weight

Hi I am a working mum who still has 10 year old and 19 year old at home. Both my children are overweight were my oldest two are slim . I really need some ideas recipes and support. I have been to gp to ask for support for both myself and my children who gave me information for a programme called eat to grow but the class was two bus rides away and I couldn't make it in time for the class. I am wracked with guilt every time I look at them . And have such a bad body image myself . I have an underactive thyroid which is not an excuse but I know doesn't help I feel continually exhausted and desperately need to turn my family life around I have never used one of these sites but am at a loss were to get support I suffer with anxiety low confidence and can see similar issues rearing there ugly head with my children despite me trying to turn them into happy confident young people . Would be grateful for any advice support or ideas honestly feel desperate

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Welcome, I think googling, healthy affordable meals is the start, and healthy portion sizes.

Work out theit weight, and yours and use calorie allowance calculators online, so much help is free, and YouTube have some fab videos too.

Take heart you are not alone, look at online help groups too, good luck


Hi Mellowmum. Please look at and "LCHF" online. These will show you how so many of us have become unhealthy and overweight ( I was !) because of eating the wrong things, even some foods we thought were good for us.

I've lost 2 stones without starving and without driving myself insane, with no cravings! Only problem is I've had to spend a fortune on new, smaller, clothes!

Please check it out. I'm sure you and your kids will thank you for it.

Good luck, Imp.


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