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The time has arrived again

The bridesmaid dress will arrive at my house again tonight

I weigh the same as what I did last time I tried it on which was 6 weeks ago

I've 12 weeks to go to the wedding

I would say I need to drop 2 dress sizes

How can I try this dress on with out hurting my own feelings or is it the kick up the back side I need?

Thank you

I've never been a bridesmaid

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I think you are being a bit unrealistic. Did you order it two sizes smaller than you are ?

Don't be in a situation on the wedding day of not being able to wear the dress. Maybe there is a way to starve yourself down 2 sizes but I don't think it would be healthy.

Talk to the bride and tell her the problem.


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Don't put yourself under such pressure. Losing two dress sizes is a lot of weight in 12 weeks. You'd have to do one of those crazy crash diets which we all know don't work. Get the size that fits you now and lose a bit more for comfort. I agree speak to the bride.


I lost 20kgs. I did not drop a dress size.

Have a dress that fits and you will look way better. (A well fitting bra (get measured) can really help)


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