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World Salt Awareness Week

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Hi everyone,

This week is World Salt Awareness Week and this years theme is hidden salt in our food.

In the US 70% of salt comes from packaged prepared and restaurant foods so how do we know the salt content of meals eaten out and thats the biggest source of sodium in some peoples diets.

Too much salt raises blood pressure and causes lots more issues so we the consumer need know what the salt content of prepared meals and food is. It is simple open transparency as the real health problem we face is caused because of fast food ready made meals as we have lost touch with what we are really eating.

Here's a link to Salt awareness week:

Foods high in salt:

I am glad that I prepare most of my own meals from scratch as I am sure that many of us are. 😊

7 Replies
Zest profile image

Hi Hidden

Interesting to hear it's World Salt Awareness Week, and I am going to be mindful of my salt intake. :-)

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Hi Zest I doubt that you have too much salt but it's always worth being mindful of how much we do have.

Jerry 😊

Hi Hidden too true sadly it's like some of the fast food co's lost the plot when it came to nutrition...🀒

I agree, I'm really glad I make my own food, we know what we're eating.😊

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Too true Alicia salt msg etc are all taste enhancers so I prefer the real deal. 😊

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So do I Jerry, nothing like your own food πŸ˜‹

Are you implying that as well as making poor quality foods taste better that salty food also makes you thirsty so you have to have a nice fizzy drink...🀒

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