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B12 defiency

Diagnosed with b12d 3yrs ago, realised I wasn't getting the stuff I need to stay healthy from my diet because of malabsorbtion. Now, I'm taking several vitamin as well as the b12 injections but want to keep up with any research or magic ๐Ÿ”ฎ formula I haven't tried yet. Got some coconut oil last week but unsure how to use it for the best, read a lot of amazing uses online but still wary. Can you really feed it to the cat!!!!

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Hey Lindax,

Coconut oil has so many uses (haven't heard of feeding it to cats though...). I have friends who use it to wash there faces, just like any other facial cleanser. You can also put it in your hair after you wash it for some extra shine. For B12 absorption, I would assume that ingesting it would be the best. You can use coconut oil just like any other cooking oil. Think of it like butter; take a small dollop of it, heat it up in the pan, and start cooking. I find the flavor delicious yet subtle, so it goes with almost anything.

Good luck!


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