The book which can help you maybe :)

Hi everyone.

I started to eat healthy food 5 months ago. Before that i ate chocolate, bread and more food than i need. I found a book ''Fit for life,, by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond... It really helped me to understand how much food we need and what exactly we need to eat. The book convinced me to stop to eat sweets and bread.

In the book there are many recipes for one month of healthy eating.. I was making food from the book and in the end of the month i saw that I lost 4 kg and redness from my face almost disappeared. And now after 2 months I still don't eat sweet and bread, because when i want to take something sweet to eat I say to myself that i can survive without it haha :)


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  • Well done! I am trying to eat 'clean' and also cut bread and added sugar and am now starting to lose weight again after plateauing for a while? I will check out the book, sounds interesting.

  • Yes its interesting :) but when you want to take something you think its unhealthy, just remember that you feel the taste in your mouth for 5 seconds, but it stays in your body way longer :)

  • Excellent. When I first started researching health through prevention and nutrition, I ran across loads of books, all with their own take on things. What I noticed was that each seemed to think their thing was "it". (Like the water people, the mineral people, the vitamin people, the food combining people, the enzyme people, the blood type people, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and don't forget the colon cleanse people!) But there's always some truth in each, so I decided that balance is key, and taking from each author their contribution was a good thing. Obviously this is working for you, so there has to be truth in what he is promoting. Our bodies are so incredibly complicated with every little process dependent on a gazillion other processes that occur with every bite of food, and there are so very many things that will affect its function. It's always nice to find another angle on weight loss and health and apparently this author has found one. Thanks for the tip.

  • Yeah and we shoud take care about our bodies, because nobody else will.. Im glad i could help you :)

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