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Healthy sources of carbs


Im trying to cut back on my carbs to lose weight but they are still important so what foods give you a healthy source of carbs.

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What you need to leave out is anything made with any kind of wheat and Gluten and absolutely no sugar, and my GP says we would all feel better leaving out all Dairy produce too ! So what can we eat ??Well , Protien from Eggs Meat FishBeans , most fruits and vegetables , these are Carbs and we need to make our diet mostly from this group of foods! So loads of salads stir fries with shrimp / prawns Salmon etc !

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Okay no gluten or suger i can do that but you said no wheat but I eat porridge for breakfast but its all wholegrain is that alright and dairy I dont eat much of anyway I really only drink non fat milk. Apart from the eggs and prawns which I dont like ill definitely take your advice thanks

Try and cut cab for a week and live on green leafy vegetables and look at the results.

Cook the green leafy vegetables for 5 or 6 minutes in little water and eat.

Any cab = sugar and this can give you weight gain.

This may be difficult to start with but it works.

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Thanks I will definitely try that

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Thanks for the websites I will definitely check them out. Your help is much appreciated

The best sources of carbs are non-starchy vegetables, especially greens. My other fave sources of carbs are quinoa, porridge, oatcakes, sweet potato, peas, sweetcorn, barely-ripe banana, or whole-milk.

Most people only use between 400 and 600 kcals of carbohydrate per day, and some of this can be derived from the other macro-nutrients if necessary, so it makes sense to keep our carb intake somewhere around that level (100-150g per day).

We can only eat so much protein too, so the balance has to be made up of natural fat. That means not having low-fat, processed milk for example.

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okay thanks for the advice . ill definitely take it on board.

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