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Nutrition for me


I am going through many tests, for what is probably IBS.

My diet has gone really bad and I seem to have lost my way, I am waiting for an appointment with a dietitian/nutritionist.

I would like to find a good book or website where I can get information about good nutrition for me.

I have seen many websites, most just seem to be money making machines and not much information.

Can anyone recommend anything I can do please


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Will go take a look

Thanks so much



Check this out: Eating for IBS and The First Year: IBS - the two best-selling, best-reviewed IBS books in America. Both works have received glowing notices by critics (including the Library Journal and Publishers Weekly), hundreds of recommendations from physicians and dieticians, and inspired thousands of heartfelt thank-you letters from readers. These books have been so highly acclaimed that they are scheduled for foreign publication as well, a rare occurrence for health and special diet publications. Hope that this will help you.


look up whole food, unprocessed food, enzyme rich food, Green Smoothies **** rich in minerals, fermented food to resupply your gut with good bacteria, so look up probiotics, make them yourself or pay for them. start with no sugar and no gluten, fresh wholesome foods, homemade soups, no gmo's they upset gut flora, and I wish you the best in your research



With IBS you should be taking Omega-3 EFA's 1000-1500 mg capsule twice daily. To keep your supplement purchases affordable, I recommend Puritan's Pride, Buy 1 get 1, or 2 free, Buy 2, get 3 free, and Free Shipping. you need a good multivitamin, that is also a complete multimineral, If you're over 40 you need Vitamin D3, 2000-5000 IU daily, plus Calcium Citrate 500 mg twice a day, Vitamin E, but for Safety no more than 400 IU daily, B-Complex with B-12 one daily. Vitamin C, 6000 mg Daily, 3000 am 3000 PM. I've never found a recommendation for more then that that I thought was believable That's a good basic supplement plan. There are a number of BCAA, Branch Chain Amino Acids that are helpful. I take L-Carnitine, 1000 mg two a day in the morning, never in the evening or at night or they'll interfere with your sleep. L-Carnitine is for Mental Alertness. The others I take are for special needs of mine, L-Arginine 2-3000 mg daily for circulation. I buy Body Builders NOS which is 3000 mg L-Arginine caplets. When I'm weight lifting I take 3-5 grams daily. I also use Whey Isolate Protein Powder, mixed with Casein Protein Powder, two drinks daily. With IBS Protein Drinks would be wise, especially since you're limited in the foods you can eat. I also take Gluclosamine Sulphate, 1500 mg, twice daily, for arthritic joints. Olde Guy Ahes n' Pains.

For muscle building I take Buffered Creatine capsules...easier on the gut. I take 1500 mg daily.

Start out slowly with supplements They will definitely make you feel better. I've been buying the supplements above for years. They cost me $550-$650 a year. They are legitimate medical deductions for IRS, and SSA, when accompanied by a doctor's prescription.

Hope all that helps.

I'm 70, male, have a combination of muscular, and structural disabilities, aggravated when I was hit by a bus in 2004. A healthy lifestyle promotes positive thinking, which can be difficult when Pain is High


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