Hi :) my healthy eating journey!

Hi. Just wanted to tell a little about my journey so far. My weight loss journey started 13 weeks ago. I have a massive 8 stone to lose so me and my fiancé can have fertility treatment to have a little baby of our own. I had tried every sort going over the years but I have now found something that works. I joined slimming world with a friend at work and so far In 13 weeks have lost 3 stone 2 1/2lbs! My target is to get to 4 stone for Xmas. If I can do it anyone can. I have been over weight my entire 32 year life and now I'm taking control and have the best motivation ever xx


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  • Well done!!! I really need to get myself motivated

  • I am starting this exact same journey today!!! I'm also 32 in February. Massive congratulations!!!

  • It's good to know that you are motivated for making a change. I was thankful that one of my online weight buddy was helping me and motivating me. It's been a year and a half now, we are sharing ideas and knowledge about weight loss and different products such as: food supplements, body wraps, body toning cream and many more.

  • Well done, I hope you fall pregnant naturally and don't need your treatment after all.

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