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Michael Pollan: author, journalist and healthy eating activist

Hi everyone, I was thinking about books and people with interesting views on healthy eating to share with you all. One of the first names that pops into my mind is the journalist and author Michael Pollan.

I think his book "In Defence Of Food" was great, so I found this talk he did that brings up some of the points:

Hope you liked it!

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He is very good! It's a book about food, which is something that sometimes lacks on many nutritional recommendations...

Thanks for the bigleg, to be honest I am not particularly into any diet - being low fat or low carb. But I can see it working for some groups of people, at least temporarily


He's brilliant - I totally agree with everything he writes!


Me too! I love how he brought food back into the nutritional discussion


Just listened to the link you posted to the talk, excellent and very informative. As a UK rather than a U.S. resident it still applies.

My simple food rule is that if you could't make in your own kitchen, don't eat it.


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