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Does anyone have a good simple healthy diet meal plan. I guess this depends on body shape, size and gender. I am 5.6, female, 8 and a half stone. Would love to loose tummy wobble without a yo yo diet or feeling hungry all the time. I heard 4 light meals are best. I end up snacking on all sorts of naughty foods chocolates, crisps, ice creams yum!


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  • Eight and a half stone? You are taller than me , so are not overweight at all. To get rid of your tummy I recommend exercise- yoga or pilates or both that target the tummy. You certainly don't need to eat less...

  • your not overweight at all? you need to tone your some abdominal exercises, sit ups etc..don't diet..i would say you are underweight..

  • Hey

    You are probably underweight for your height to be honest. Im around the same weight and I am 5'3. Sounds more like you just want to tone up. I would recommend stomach crunches ab rollers are good for that or just lie flat with your arms to your head, contracting your stomach muscles and bringing your elbows in line with your hips. Same as a stomach crunch but without bending the knees this targets the lower stomach.

    I don't think you need a meal plan. As for snacking I'm terrible with chocolate and crisps. Either gradually allow yourself a small amount a day. Or opt for healthy snacks I eat fruit, raw nuts such as cashews. These instead will fill you up. You can get alot of low cal crisps and yoghurt. Yoghurts are great for filling you up the kids ones are great. Especially for the calorie content. Snack a jacks could replace crisps or salted cracker breads.

  • I think you are under weight too. Tonal exercise is what you need.

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