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Healthy snacks

I need help getting healthy snack ideas, I'm getting fed up of fruit!! I also seem to eat healthy for a few days and then ruin it - it's like my body needs something from a bar of chocolate - Could I've missing something on my healthy diet that makes me crave unhealthy? If that makes sense? I don't seem to get filled up by healthy food. I also have IBS so some foods are no good for me.

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I totally agree bigleg! It's the amount of processed foods that is the problem. Minimal processing and whole natural food is the way to go. Have you considered an oat biscuit with peanut butter or tahini, oat biscuit with cheese. Hard boiled eggs in the fridge is a useful standby along with crudites. Easy to prepare and keep in a box in the fridge. Fresh nuts are great but not too many at once!

It's all a matter of re-educating your taste buds - and your brain - that you do not need as many carbs!

I have just repeated bigleg's list haven't I? doh


Thanks for the replies, I will stock up on some nuts etc and.hopefully it'll help. Here I thought I was eating good having such fruit!!! It's all so confusing!!! I'll check.out the website too thanks xx


I agree with the snacks! Right now I am just getting started, and immediately after starting gluten free I found I also have a problem with dairy so that's out as well. I have gastritis from these issues so I have to avoid anything with high acidity as well! Ugh! I found some crackers that are pretty healthy and I make garlic hummus dip. Hard boiled eggs are also a go to snack as well as avocados. I'm actually having a harder time with the loss of dairy than the gluten!


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