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Intrusive Thoughts

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A major part of PTSD is the intrusive thoughts and triggers. It is so strange how we can be having an otherwise great day and some random thought comes into our mind and affects us; even viscerally.

I found myself with this just this morning... I was working on some fun projects (graphic designs) when suddenly a bad thought returned to my mind (seemingly out of nowhere!) and now I am feeling weird and thinking about some past trauma.

What do you guys do to mitigate this? How do you overcome the negative feelings and thoughts?

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I am sorry you are having more intense intrusive thoughts and triggers, SurvivingEveryday.

What helps me personally is trying to solve something like a puzzle. Anything that requires problem solving or logical thinking, engages the other part of the brain than the trauma part, so it has the potential to lessen the intensity of a trauma response.

Sometimes focusing attention on something- a task or an object can bring focus elsewhere.

Not a task you can do on "automatic pilot" but something where you really need to out your attention to, like painting/arts, playing music, puzzles of any kind etc.

Mindfulness might help but it can also be tricky.

Engaging your body through movement can help as well.

Engaging the 5 senses for grounding is something recommend by the therapists.

Thank you, Nathalie99! I appreciate that insight. It just so happens that I have an unfinished puzzle waiting for me to work on it. I think I will now.


Turn your mind! I clean when that happens or I'll do my Rubiks cube! Play my piano, draw...

I have learned that my intrusive thoughts are directly related to my trauma. So I immediately label them as trauma therefore not my new authentic self. This is a fairly new skill. It is cognitive. You are right. PTSD affects or can the whole body I still must use other skills and resources.

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This is such a unique way to look at these thoughts, I have not thought about things in that context before. Thank you!!

I do the Wim Hof guided breathing exercises free on you tube. I take cold showers to get out of my head. I try to exercise 40 minutes a day. I work part time I’m semi retired. I stay overnight and help out with my grandkids. I do guided meditation on you tube. I try to live one day at a time and move forward. I have health anxiety and p t s d from what I have been through.

I know how you feel.

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