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Hi, does anyone have any advice for coping with/stopping flashbacks?

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Hi. It can be helpful to learn to relax physically as that will make you calm mentally. Also, look into exercises where you learn to establish and visit a 'safe place' in your mind.

My best wishes to you.

Thank you Marnie22. Will try that.

13 Steps Flashback Management - upper left-hand side of Pete-walker. Com has been an immense help to me. Even just last weekend, actually.

I read your post and had a quick look at this website. It looks really interesting. Thank you for mentioning it.

Just read Mr. Walker’s book on CPTSD. His journey was too close to mine to not be helpful.

Thank you. I’ll check that out.

Me too.


I find grounding exercises useful when I realise I’m in the middle of a flashback. using the six senses. Also sometimes if I’m not too dissociated I talk back to them I say this happened in the past and I have n

Been triggered and my body is remembering.

Thanks lindyloo53


Slow gentle physical exercise like rotating your ankles and all the other joints.

Breathing excercises:

Breathe in count to 4

Stop breath count to 2

Exhale count to 6

Stop breath count to 2

Repeat 5 times

Using 5 senses: naming things you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Talking to someone that can help like a therapist or a helpline.

Hope you find something that helps you through this.

Sending support...

Thank you very much. I’ll try this

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