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PTSD and the onset of fibromyalgia

Hello Butterfly2000,

I am a 51 year old woman,WHO hs had a severe PTSD condition, since the age of 25(having been victimized in a heinious crime), resulting in for 20 years, frequently being brought to hospital-due to full blown flash back attacks leading to respiration stop. 2 1/2 years ago I got severe fibromyalgia-I've purchased the best books(fex Dr Jacob Teiltelbaum's and other US specialists's) to give a comprehensive understanding of FM disease and it's causes. From the statistical datas of recent uni research studies it is established, that there's a correlation between PTSD ie trauma(combat ground or "civil"life)and the onset of FM disease, since the H-P-A(hypothalamus,pituitary,adrenal) axis becomes dysfunctional. I can later(no energy left now), give you the links to research studies explaing that correlation FM and PTSD.

Kind regards,


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I experienced the same thing. Eventually overcame FM through 2 years of extensive rest + an IV infusion of supplements. Any lingering FM symptoms vanished after I finished my PTSD recovery. You're obviously really good with research. In case you haven't seen this list of natural nutritional substances that can bring relief I'll post it here: lef.org/protocols/immune_co...


Thanks for your reply; I am however very poorly from my FMcondition, -I would like to hear more about your path to recovery when I have more energy.



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