Headaches/Eye test

Not really a question but wanted to let you all know about this....Went for routine eye test as i already wear glasses and have had problems with left eye since TBI turns out my left eye has deterioated. Noe have new glasses and can now see soooooo much better and BEST of all havent had a headache since wearing new glasses :)

Best Wishes to all

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  • that's good news indeed. i started wearing glasses about 3 years ago, i stii cant get used to them :)

  • just like to add a little medical fact here , i take Amitriptyline thats a depression drug but ive been given them as a muscle relaxant and the optician told me one of the side affects is that the drug relaxes the retina and you lose the ability to focus as much, hence thinking you need glasses as i did

  • Good news,Artangel. I've also had sight problems since my sah and the optician can't seem to get it sorted, but I think what formula says is spot on....I also take antidepressants.

    I'm pleased for you though...especially if you're a reader like me. cat x

  • thats great news,its lovely to hear when something goes right, tke care

  • I have just had field of vision test cos I don't see well peripherally on right side but hospital says it looks ok! Don't know where I go from here, don't think anything can be done just get used to it.

  • that is so interesting. I also had subarachnoid hem. about 5wks. ago,and I was having problems with my eyes, so last wk. I went and had them checked out and he said,there are broken blood vessels behind my right eye. he did say they will heal in time. I'm going to see my neuro. dr. today so I'm going to ask him. let you know. Very nervous about seeing him. This is the first time since I came out of the hospital. so everyone please wish me luck. teenna.

  • Hi Teenna sorry i didnt get back to you to wish you good luck with your appointment hope it all went well? i have had one of those weeks...Hospitalx2 GPx1 coffee out with friendsx3 and yes you've guessed it headaches back as i got carried away with the new glasses and did too much, Will i ever learn? Best wishes

  • I have specs with prisms to help my eyes see togther better. I had injections into the eyes too a few times, i think it was botulism they used in the muscles behind the eyeball. Sounds worse than it is. I have dark reaction specs because i am very sensitive to bright lights now for some reason, i also have big wrapround sunglasses with the prescription in too. It made seeing easier and because i wasnt screwing my face up all the time it got rid of some of my headaches too!

    I didnt know about the amytripline, that must be why they ask about tablets when you go see them.

    Glad your head is feeling better.

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