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Headaches Post Viral Encephalitis


More funny headaches :-( been going on a while, sometimes it feels like something pressing down on the top of my head, and sometimes it feels as if my hair was being pulled back into my scalp... But lately, I've been getting one or two that starts on the top (as if I've been hit) then I have a metallic 'smell' before it moves to the front left of my head (I have some prefrontal cortex problems) and then I have a bloomin nose bleed. I have a doctors appointment ) best they can offer is three weeks)…

Does anyone else get these?

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Hi 3fingeredjake,

Ive been plagued with funny heads ever since my viral encephalitis. I could never explain them properly but they salways felt like my head was going to explode.

The diagnosis they finally settled on was pressure headaches( although no actual pain) probably migrainous in origin but over the counter meds didnt work.

The treatment that works for me is 125mg of pregabalin daily. This has taken 4 months to settle but my days are mainly funny head free, i still get the odd one but nothing like before.

It was my consultant neurologist at the rehab centre i attended who prescribed this, i asked for a referral back because i was getting nowhere with my GP.

Good luck with this i know how debilitating those heads are.


I used to get metallic taste. I removed my mercury amalgam fillings. I now do not taste metal! Blood has iron so you could be tasting blood linked to the nosebleed. In 2015 I started to follow Dr Brownstein protocol. It includes a supplement with Iodine in it. Iodine kills virus. Selenium is anti-viral too. I was told by functional medicine doctor who is also a GP that viruses have a habit of living just behind the nose and are very difficult to heal / kill. That may explain your symptoms. I went through a few months of having nosebleeds regularly last year so I guess I was healing the back of the nose.

The biggest help you can do for your headaches is start on a diet of brown rice. Every day for three weeks. With vegetables, eat high protein food including liver, oysters, mussels, mackerel, cod, tuna, turkey, prawn with just olive oil and coconut oil to cook with. These foods have high B12, high choline, omegas and I have had most virus killing success with them. After 3 weeks, if you start to feel better. Well then, that is the way to go forward. Diet is everything in post viral recovery. It is not a short term fix. It is a lifestyle permanent adjustment until your grave. A weakness is a weakness and may return in future with stress. That's my view. My approach. Its working for me. I feel absolutely great.

Good luck. Best wishes.

7 years post since mine and I get headaches, feel dizzy, have weird ringing in the ears, etc etc everyday. With at least two periods a year where it’s really intense for up to 4 months.

I’ve survived and despite the pain I’m not in danger. That took a long while to understand.

However I’d really like to find some meds that lessen the frequency of headaches.


Metallic smell or taste can be a CSF leak, often overlooked.

Thanks all, got my docs appt tomorrow (only took five weeks so that was quick). The nose bleeds seem to have stopped, although I still have a metallic smell, and I have become more 'wobbly'.... I don't expect to get any treatment or even answers tomorrow, I think more than ever, once a person is in that realm of 'there is nothing more we can do'... he/she is on her own.

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