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Do not forget your local headway!!!

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OMG I had a call from my local Headway, Lisa, she was amazing, I have my first follow up at hospital tomorrow, no idea what to expect and she gave me a list of demands to make to make my recovery faster and easier. The next day I have the doctors and a discussion if I am ready to go back to work, she gave me a list of questions to ask and support to ask for, your local headway can change your mood, it was amazing, sat here feeling sorry for myself, she calls, not rushing to get me off the phone, listened to me rambling and 45 minutes later I was loaded with stufff to take to social services, CAB, my hospital appointment tomorrow and docs the day after, I am on a high, she told me what I need to make a difference to my recovery. The hospital discharged me by saying, ok you can go, pick up your medication down stairs, Lisa was like what a proper discharge should be like, she questioned everything and advised me on the care needed to speed up my recovery. she asked me loads of really vital things, stuff I might not have considered but it is really important. I would say to anyone recently discharged, do not hesitate, make sure you are not thrown out of hospital, the care you are entitled to is not always told to you.

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Glad you are getting some support, finally x

Yes, Lisa from Headway in my local area has been amazing I was dreading my appointment tomorrow not knowing what to expect, now I am armed with stuff to take to this appointment

I was lucky to be seen by neurologist, psychologist, behavioural therapist, physio, psychiatrist and specialist nurse before discharge so when I left I had no lingering questions.

At my first recall appointment I saw the surgeon who performed the coiling operation and was shown the scan with a detailed explanation. That was at Salford Royal in Manchester....a fantastic hospital.

Before you go tomorrow write a list of all the questions you need to ask and don't be afraid to ask anything which is troubling you.

I know I keep harping on about this but if you still don't feel ready for returning to work tell your GP.....and don't feel pressured by what happened yesterday,

Best of luck.....let us know how it goes. xx

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Oh and PS...Thank goodness for Lisa !!!

Its always great to hear good feedback about local Headway groups...they do such a great job. Three cheers for all the Lisa's out there !

i have an appointment next week at headway house to go to abi day centre/group thing

and just waiting on funding headway is chasing my social worker up.

I must admit without headway i wouldnt leave my house as much

This is great to hear.

I have just started working for Headway North London doing Outreach work. I used Headway myself between 2006-2008 when my wife suffered the consequences of a brain tumour.

What's struck me is that branches of Headway differ immensely - some are very well established and resourced, whilst others struggle along doing as much as they can with little resource. Please ensure that you do support your local group whenever you can to ensure they can continue to give a great and supportive service. The support will be gratefully received and well used!

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Hi kjg,

Thank you for your post, it's great to hear you're getting the support you need. As you say, our local groups do some amazing work!

For anyone reading this who would like to find their local service, you can find them on our website at

Best wishes,


Have my hospital appointment in a little over an hour and I feel ready for it now and know what I want from it although I am nervous have my hubby with me.

So, we arrived 15 minutes early and had time to grab a decaf latte before going into the waiting room. Half an hour after my appointment a man came out and called my name.

We went in the room, he told me to quit smoking, I told him I was trying with my local surgery and had an action plan in place and he replied, no I mean now, don't ever have another cigarette, I told him I would prefer to manage that with the stop smoking team who I am working with, they understand about some stresses coming from other things at the moment sort of tied in with the haemorrhage and some things not.

He then told me to close my eyes and hold out my arms with my fingers spread, I done this and he said touch your nose with your finger, ok I stupidly replied what finger and WHAT NOSE, lol but I managed fine.

He looked at my scar, asked me the date, I was 1 day out, prime minister, got that correct, what he was doing today, got that right, and he then said

"Wonderful, you are discharged"

I then asked about rehab, he said yes you need it, speak to your GP!

I asked about a neuropsychologist, he said yes, the GP will sort it.

also said I should have a Psychiatric assessment and finish my drugs.

I said I will still getting pain and he said "take a paracetamol"

At this point he rose from his chair and gestured us to the door, well I was gob-smacked and just left.

My partner (maidstone-cruiser on here) said he was right, he only wanted to check the scar and his part in my recovery was done well, and the rest is up to others, but still I was shocked at the 5 minutes we spent with him, I would have thought things would have been more in-depth.

I have the doctors tomorrow and will get my GP to do all of the above and contact Social Services for an assessment.

In my opinion, this trip has done nothing other than tick a box for him and allowed him to discharge me, I was in shock and just left, I didn't think to ask why rehab was not offered before or even mentioned with my discharge.

I can not be too hard on them, I am alive due to what they have done but the support after the operation just did not exist and even when I tried to mention it, it was passed on and nothing further mentioned.

Think I would rather had attended Maggie's funeral for what use the appointment was for me.

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