I rang headway and the lady was lovely she gave me number of local group which meets once a month. I have also text marks rehab team to ask for neuro phycologist as i feel he needs this now. He is ringing me this afternoon to talk about whats been happening. So I'll push on until i get this help.

I've taken morning off work as hes being assessed for PIP which i know nothing about but need to be here.

I have a lady coming Friday from Cumbria care as i think our daughters may like someone to talk to. I'm not sure if it's worth while but no harm in giving it ago.

Not really relevant but I've also passed English exam ha so chuffed about that.

Feeling more positive today. We are all learning so much and it'll take time.

But we have that time and grateful for that. I'm on this roller coaster and not so scared anymore. If mark sees me happy it makes him more relaxed.

It's a learning curve i know and what you all say helps me beyond words.

Your amazing friends and i say friends because i feel like you are xxx

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  • It is a roller coaster and that journey of ups and downs will continue but gradually the highs and lows will even out a bit. Well done for those steps in a positive direction by making contact and arranging visits. Doesn't matter whether you think it is helpful or might not be. Just give every possible service the chance to tell you what they can do and you might be surprised to find that there was something you didn't know they could offer that will be welcomed by you.

    Congratulations on passing your English exam! That a great achievement with all the other stresses, worries and pressures you are coping with! Did you do your English exam to lead onto something else or just for yourself?

    Best wishes x

  • I lost all my school certificates when we moved house few years ago so ive been doing them all again just to prove to myself i can still do it 30 years later. Just maths to do next month 😊

  • Good for you Debbie for making those first important moves. I know the Headway meetings are a lifesaver for many people once they get past that initial introductory stage.

    Please keep in mind the slowness of any progress though. I'm ashamed to admit that I was reluctant to take help from anyone because I was so desperate to regain control for myself. I'm sure you're aware of the danger in Mark feeling he's being 'managed'.

    I remember the feeling of freedom when I first ventured out to the shops alone. Then I realised I was being followed from a distance, and I was furious.

    I hope sincerely that this is a new start for all of you.

    And well done on your exam success. I did A&O levels as a mature student and it's no mean feat when dealing with 'worldly' issues. xx

  • so glad more help is coming into place,and well done indeed for passing english exam!

  • Thank you 😊

  • pleasure x

  • Living where we do everyone has known mark since birth so he started going for walks alone just down the shops. Takes him ages because he stops to chat to everyone which is lovely to know they look out for him and walk with him sometimes. Even when he did shopping assessment his ot said he knows everyone. I'll always worry but I'm learning to ease up a little. Xx you are so right in all your advise thank you x

  • I am so pleased you have support coming your way. It is nice just to be able to speak to someone who understands.

    I think it is a perfect solution for Mark to see a neuropsychologist and they are a support for you too. You sound a lovely mum organising support for your daughters if need be. Yes, it is a steep learning curve , and there will be ups and downs, but with support, and Mark will improve , unfortunately it takes time.

    Good for you passing English exam amongst all this life changing event

    S xx

  • Thank you 😊 👍

  • Hi. I'm so pleased that things are going well for you all. You sound so positive this makes a Big difference that's for sure.

    Great Stuff.


  • 😊

  • No probs !!! Please let me know if I can help/support you further.


  • Good moves Debbie. Any guidance from those with knowledge and experience will be a great help. When things are good make the most of them, when not so speak to the forum and Headway.

  • 👍

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