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I was involved in a serious car accident in 2012 made a quick recovery all doctors and everyone was surprised. It's my mum who notices the changes in me more than myself. I'm currently going through appeal about losing my ESA money. I was put straight into a support group of ESA til April when I had to go for a medical. I'd heard all horror stories of them taking people off it when they clearly shouldn't have. To cut long story short I believe all the stories now as I was took off it and from the report the so called doctor gave im not surprised. Trouble is he didn't take any notice of anything I or my mum who had to come with me said. I do want to try to do more and go on some course or something to help me have a chance at getting a job. I am also interested in going to the headway meeting things where people meet up to do activities. I'm in Rotherham area and would like to know if there is anyone on here that attends these.

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Don't know what to say except give the headway meetings a try.

Do you have any medical reports you could use to appeal the decision?

You could ask for a referral to neuropsychology for an assessment so that both you and your mum can find out how well you are doing and where any issues are.

I'm not in your area so I can't say anything about your local groups.

Love n hugs



Hi keeley

sorry to hear this and hope you can appeal.

Contact headway Rotherham and go to their social evening. They meet every sevond Tuesday of the month in the centre of Rotherham. It is a mixed bunch but we all try and help each other when ever we can. I know I have got their number sonewhere but if you look online they have a web site that list all events.

There may be a meeting this Tuesday night , alas I am away so can not attend.

Hope to bump into you ( not literally) if not hope to keep in contact via this forum . All the best.


I do hope you are asking for reconsideration for your ESA.

Benefits is a nightmare to negotiate. There should have been someone there who has a specialist interest in your condition, ie brain injuries.

There is a place you can get help a web site, can't remember the exact name something like benefits and work?

Getting out socially was one of the most challenging things I did, but also the most beneficial. It opened new doors for me. I found out that I was quite good at something's id never thought of trying before.

I made new friends who understood the new me. I forgot to worry about my speech not being great, with so many wrong words etc. it's like speaking a secret language that only BI people understand at times!

I learnt to laugh again. Very important. I was very nervous every week about going but I really enjoyed it and felt very out of sorts if I missed a meeting.

Headway were fantastic for me.


We have asked for reconsideration and was told someone would try up to 3 times to phone me to get any extra information that was not on the report. After trying to ring me 3 times if I hadn't answered they would base decision on original report which I'm disputing as it is totally false. They didn't try to ring me once and based the decision on the false report so it's now gone to next stage. I've asked headway to help and been told they can be at tribunal which will help.


Hi keeley

Hope you can get it sorted and hope headway can help.

Try and come along to the group, if you can make the social great but if you are tired in the evenings try the coffee mornings. We meet every wednesday in the centre of Rotherham at the pantry green ( red lion pub yard) at around 10 am . Once again good luck and hope to see you at Rotherham.


I will try to come to some probably the activity ones to start with as it may feel bit awkward if no one starts conversation in the coffee morning ones


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