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Headway Portsmouth & south east Hampshire could do with some dosh.

This is Edwina Iddles, Parliamentary Assistant to Caroline Dinenage (Gosport's MP) and Edwina is taking part in the great south run to raise much needed funds for Headway, the brain injury charity who support me and many others. Headway have done a bang up job for me and others. Could you find it in your hearts to donate :).


I am pretty sure that Headway have also done a bang up job for many of you who use this online forum as well :).

That's all folks,


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Done Matt. ;-) xx


I thank you and I am pretty sure my Headway branch thank you too :).


No problem. I'd be affected in a big way if this forum were scrapped through lack of funding, so it's partly self-interest really. Anything Headway-related get's my vote ! xx

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I wonder where or what I would be doing right now if there was no Headway?

I would think, still sitting at home doing virtually nothing with myself. I most probably wouldn't be using this forum because it was from a friend of mine who used to use Headway more regularly that got me to know of this forum.

I know one thing if there was no Headway, nobody would ever get to see my art.

Well, it would definitely take many more years anyhow for people to see my art :).


Yes it's been good to watch you gaining in confidence Matt ; long may that continue.

Have you ever thought of doing portrait work ; I know you'd be good at it. A friend had a portrait done of his daughter costing £60 and it was truly awful ; nowhere near as good as your work !

Just an idea................................... ;-) xx


Thanks for that :).

I have done a bit of portrait work before. I have posted my caricatures on this forum before. I know caricatures aren't an accurate drawing of a person butI have some other pictures that would be classed as proper or more accurate portraits.

A few people at my Headway would like me to draw portraits of their granchildren.

At the moment I am drawing more animals, I am in the middle of drawing an elephant.

There is another graphite artist who I have met called Jamie Boots. I and some friends went to one of his art classes.

He draws a lot of wild animals. I think that's why I decided to draw more animals because of Jamie.

He sticks to more wild animals and I will draw any kind of animal including wild animals, I love the big cats :). I want to draw a tiger :).


Good for you Matt ; tigers are such magnificent beasts. Meantime, I look forward to seeing your elephant drawing when its finished. xx


Thanks :) and I almost forgot to say about the awful painting/drawing.

I was going to add that there are so many horrible pieces of work that go for thousands!

It's quite ridiculous to sell a so called "painting" that looks like you have just sneezed for so much money.


Frankly i bealive i would have quite mad quite quite mad without headway!

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I agree, madness due to boredom.

In 2000 and first half of 2001 I was going to college. I wasn't brilliantly confident then either but I had some special needs assistants help me out while I was there.

I went through a few assistants but the last assistant I had was a lovely guy. Before I left college I told him that I was going to leave and stay at home and he told me that staying at home is very boring, he was not wrong either :).


this is true,also i think another reason i would have gone quite quite mad without headway is because it is so great to speak pepole who understand what you are going through and what you need

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Yes, agree with that also.

A lot of people do not understand brain injuries. I live with my mum and dad and my mum is excellent support and she does have a little knowledge of brain injury through being around me and other BI survivors, but she doesn't fully understand my probe and my Dad, well he definitely doesn't understand :).

My BI friend was telling me that his family do not understand his problems and he can find it quite upsetting.

He could be talking about something he has mentioned already and his family might say things like "Here we go again" and roll their eyes.

It's not right of them to deal with it like that though.


no that isnot right,we have had mixed reactions from our famlies

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