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Cancellation again


Jack my son is 11, he was involved in a serious car accident along with one of his sisters six month ago. We had appointment over a week ago to have two areas of his skull replaced, which was cancelled on the telephone few days before. This admission was reschudule for today, only to be told this morning after an overnight stay that they were unable to do the operation due to lack of intensive care beds. So we were sent home. Since the accident nothing seems to go right for us as family. Jacks life is very limited until this procedure is carried out, for safety reasons. So proud of him, and just want Jack back xx

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How utterly frustrating and frightening for you all. Better to wait until they can do it right and care for him properly afterwards, but I shouldn't think that helps very much right now. Hold on in there, things do get better. C x

It seems to be the norm,nowadays,to repeadly invite people into a state of anticipation only to leave them,once again,crestfallen. It is stressful and frustrating enough for adults but for a child to be sitting in a hospital bed, bracing himself for a major operation and then to be sent home knowing he has to go through it all another time ,I feel, is inexcusable and downright cruel. If politicians, bankers, footballers & all manner of Fatcats were forced to accept drastic cuts in pay (not to mention GPs) they would continue to live very comfortable lives whilst funding for health & education could be resumed.......What a crazy, crazy world we're living in, and tolerating.

Sorry for the rant, Julie, but sometimes I just wish I could do a Guy Fawlkes when I see a grass roots example ,like Jack, of this unfair society. Yes, I'm sure he will receive the treatment he is due (hopefully very soon) but I'm so sorry you've all had to wait so long.

Fingers crossed for Jack . Best wishes to all of you. cat xx

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