never want to hear the word tumor again!

bit off topic,but having got through hubby and his you know what! and us trying to move on get jobs etc,we found out today that my cat,my familiar has cancer,and the vet doesnot how long she has so we have bought her home and are spoiling her and making the most of her.She was my company when hubby was in hospital and the best cat ever! So no i donot want to hear that word ever again! end of rant xxx

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  • Hi razy.

    Sorry to hear this. Animals can be such a comfort.

    Not really a cat person , prefer dogs., but hate to hear of any sick animal.

    We have ( or dont have) a little dog who is ill at moment. I say dont have because it is our daughters dog that we are looking after.......while she has married and raised a family......ok ok her husband had a dog and her dog refused to play nice.

    Well we now have a little dog that has got diabetes and suddenly gone blind. She now tears around bumping into things.

    Enjoy your cat and now its time to repay her loyalty and pamper her. It is a sad time but remember happier times.

    Pax x

  • aaahh poor dog,and thanks pax i will

  • Ah no , I'm so sorry Razy.

    Hope you can keep her comfortable and enjoy some time together. x

  • My beautiful boy (cat) lived for 19 years and suddenly developed a feline form of dementia. His fearless nature was supplanted by terror of the outdoors so I nursed him indoors for over a year until he became too weak to climb into his litter tray.

    People without pets have no concept of the attachment we feel for them and for our pain when threatened with their loss.

    What still gets me through the sadness is knowing how loved mine was, and what a safe and happy life we gave him all those years. I hope you'll hang on to such thoughts Razy, though my heart aches a little for you right now. xxx

  • Oh Razy

    Yes spoil her rotten.

    It's so difficult and when you think of what you have all been through already you will come out of the other side with lots of happy memories.

    Love n hugs


  • No!! Bless, my heart goes out to you, what with myself being a cat lover and all.

    I'll be thinking of you


  • Awe so sorry to hear that. xx

  • thanks everyone she is being pamperd,fresh chicken,lots of cuddles. we will come out the other side,she is a great cat with a silly side!

  • so sad . just love animals they know exactly how to behave and what to do when we are feeling down. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. My own cat (age 16) went chasing birds in the sky a couple of weeks ago and the dog is all lost without him with no one to annoy x

  • hope ypure cat [pollyanne has a happy journey,and hugs from me

  • Awww, get pampering her. It's so hard, I think especially when they've seen you through some tough times.

    Love and hugs

    Sue x

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