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Here we go again (PIP)

I've been refused PIP. The fact that I got DLA for 24 years matters not a toss, nor does the fact that due to the refusal, my wife loses her carer's allowance too and we will be on the streets quite quickly.

The 'medical' was a tick box exercise and frankly laughable. I have 'no cognitive impairment' I seemed 'alert and very awake' (I'm going to ask the assessor to move in with us, I seem to make a miracle recovery when she's around)

And so, the treadmill of appeals and the eventual tribunal. It just depends how long the finances last as to who gives up first...

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Am so sorry to hear this Andy but it does seem to be the very common outcome and in fact a very predictable outcome! The assessors don't have a clue about BI! They have not a clue the struggles, pressures and emotional damage it put us through to manage the appeals, tribunals etc etc. Do your best to battle on and to get back what you are entitled too!


I just despair :( what a mess the whole system seems to be. What ever happened to being assessed based on the worst day you experience rather than your condition on your best day? Perhaps the assessor missed that part of the training?


What can i say Andy, ludicrous in the extreme.

Perhaps this needs highlighting on the radio shows too.

The trouble is the hoops they make people jump through get smaller and asmaller and they raise them so high off the ground youve no chance of jumping through, thats if you can jump, and im not aware that wheelchairs have a levitation button!

Janet xx


ouch thats, unpleasant but not uncommon from what I see?


Maybe Theresa will re-introduce the dunking method, as used for 16th century witches, in this case to determine the genuineness of our incapacity. If we sink we weren't entitled ; if we float they keep dunking us just to be absolutely certain.

Good luck for your next battle m'love.................. E x


ha ha ha i like that cat,

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andy you need 13 points for the care component, i missed out by 1 one, so what else did they mark down down on and remember pip is about what you can do not what you cant do.


I thought the PIP process was getting reviewed for brain injury’s?

I know people with brain injury’s that will not apply for PIP, because it’s too stressful to apply and then get refused at the end of it all.

Box ticker! If they know the cure please share it with the medical world.

Anyway good luck and please share any advice for the assessments.


That's awful, I was lucky enough to get some help, to fill out my partners pip and esa, I took one look at the forms and didn't have a clue. Is there anyone you can get some support from. Someone suggested equality together, not sure if they have that near you. Hope you get it sorted quickly x


Sorry to hear this :-( I have yet to take my assessment but I fear the worst with the stories I’ve heard. Shocking and dispicable, lets just sweep invisible illness under the carpet :-(


It’s terrible I was refused after my ruptured aneurism even straight after coming out of hospital for 4 months , they thought I was faking , it was degrading.


Hello BaronC,

i'm so disgusted that this has happen to you and your wife.

This has happen to a family friend of mine in 2016 with her PIP and the start of last year with her ESA. Also with her sister as well, at the end of last year and in 2016 with her sisters PIP.

I think and it is very clear that the whole DWP/benefit system is completely messed up!!

Thinking of you both at this difficult time.



Sorry to hear this Andy. Appeals can be quite successful - and I wish you luck. If an appeal is successful they will goive you back money due for any period of suspension. In the meantime if they have stopped your DLA or given you a date when it will stop, they will need to transfer you to some other kind of benefits if you are unable to work. Now may be the time to get some specific benefits advice if you have not already done so...

How the resulst of assessments can vary so much is quite beyond me


If this has to go to appeal I'd recommend advice from a Welfare Benefit specialist, you may have a Welfare rights service, CAB, some Headways can have benefit specialist input as well.

You should try and do this before you submit the SSCS1 (appeal Form), bearing in mind the 1 month deadline, as they will be able to identify the points you should have been awarded.

Even without specialist input 60% of PIP appeals are successful and the chance of winning increases if you have legal advice.


I’m really disgusted to hear that Baron. These charlatans who generally have no medical training are given free licence to trample over people’s lives. The government acknowledged the system is broken. When are they going to fix it?

I read about one chap who went for his assessment. The assessor wrote on his report that this chap could take his dog on daily walks therefore he gets no points for mobility. The chap’s response was, ‘I can barely walk....and I don’t own a dog.’ Ludicrous!


I got a letter from them yesterday, expecting to get nil points.... So it turns out that they just wanted to say that they have all the information they require to make a decision!

The stress of this process is so very taxing. I'm scared I'll lose everything, I'm scared I'll be broke.

The system stinks.

As for asking about dogs, well mine asked if we had pets. So I told them chickens birds of prey and a dog.

I hope they don't think I'm out there caring for these animals. I did make it quite clear that they were Alan's birds and I didn't have a lots to do with them, also that the chucks and the pooch were my sons.

They asked such open and ambiguous questions. I kept asking what they meant as I didn't understand what they wanted me to say to them.

What do you do during the day? I've not a clue. I cleaned the kitchen this morning.... Then my mum explains that I actually wiped down the surfaces!

It's so easy to get your answers misunderstood.

By the end of my interview I just said I'm done I need my bed, I can't even be arsed to move from this chair but I need my bed so I'm done.

I just hate all this waiting around..


Bastards (forgive my French) They are just utter, clueless bastards. Fight and fight hard, you WILL win...


Terrible how can illnesses disappear they want sacked for telling lies


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