Yet more unhelpful advice from a doctor (again and again)

One of my symptoms is that if I sit down I suddenly shut down during the day, I can be just siting there, on a laptop, holding a cup of tea or even TV remote control and I am gone.

Recently went through several Medico Legal examinations and when I mentioned this 2 queried whether I should be driving, when I mentioned this to the third he said I should be fine to drive. My GP won't get a copy of these reports so I arranged an appointment to discuss it with him and have one last try to get a diagnosis of why I shut down.

So yet again explained my symptoms to the GP and immediately said I must stop driving immediately as even if there is a remote risk I fall asleep there is a risk. Which is fine. However, it is the next bit where my jaw nearly hit the floor - his suggestion was to use public transport instead !!!! So without even reading my notes he has just been told by me that I fall asleep randomly when sitting down, have cognitive and planning issues and told him I have a motability car because I can't walk far and I am down for even more knee surgery this week - which he wrote the letters for.

His response you will have to be accompanied when you go out or swap your car for a disability scooter!

Maybe that's why I have a BI been banging my head on the wall for too long

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  • A scooter! those things cost as much as car! i do hope youre G.P has got deep pockets!

    a scooter! shakes head.

  • Having ranted,try speaking to youre nuro team,see what they say

  • I don't have a Neuro team, they said I have got as good as I am going to get and next patient please ...

  • MMM that doesnot sound very good,if youre sypmtons are getting worse you need another appoitment.Tough i know when you are fatugied and need a lift there!

  • Symptoms haven't worsened they are the same as they were before. However, the Neurological service where I am cover 10,000 sq miles and since I am not a high risk / priority, getting any further diagnosis is slim

  • I'm so sorry to hear you're in this situation. It's remarkable really - the way services are managed. It seems that if you are able to make it to the kitchen and bathroom you're simply sent to the back of the queue. I've found difficulties with this issue - the more effort tou make to be independent - the more your remaining issues are ignored. It's more to do with lack of funding than will to help thohh - services seem to be stretched to breaking point. Hope you eventually get some firm diagnosis - you'll have to keep on trying until they send you to the correct consultant who understands what's happening. I'm sure they've tested you for epilepsy? Xxx

  • Had blood test and CT scan nothing unusual detected.

    It is strange that it only happens when I sit down

  • Sospan, are we talking possible Epilepsy or Narcolepsy here ? Your GP's response should have been to refer back to neurology. I know that times are hard and money tight, referrals cost, lead to tests, more costs etc but it may just be possible to help control these episodes. I would urge you to try again. I'm still waiting for a neuro appointment since January so know the lists are long. In the meantime I got a private physio assessment report since the GP's would not examine me or take me seriously. I do not intend to have my condition brushed off as 'functional' a second time because of NHS money issues ! x

  • Since it only happens when I sit down it doubt it would be anything like Epilepsy.

  • sos this this may sound like a daft bit of advice........but try speaking to dvla direct

  • DVLA would take my licence away straight away and make it more difficult to get it back. At the moment the only option is to wait it out and see if I improve.

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