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Good morning. I'm having a day out today to go to Headway in Dudley for a meeting with a gentleman from CAB. This will be the longest journey I have taken possibly in more than a year. I have been turned down for the 4th time for PIP. The story from DWP for the refusal would make a good novel. It was 1985 when an assault caused epilepsy, deafness, and severe balance problems. Since then I have had another 2 haemorrhages causing extra troubles. I am having extreme tremors making almost everything I do a very big burden. Next Wednesday I am going to Birmingham City hospital for tests investigating for Neuropathy (Neuro - nerve. Pathy- damage). I also have heart disease where I pass out on standing. Whereas, the DWP thinks I can stand on one leg. I'd like to know when and where they saw that!!! I'm no flamingo. According to the refusal letter tests were carried out at the face to face meeting. I did no tests whatsoever. The letter also states that I talk with no difficulty. My reply to that is that I am physically disabled and not mentally incapable. One other part of the refusal states that I can plan and follow a journey. It's very rare I leave this area where I was born and bred. Oh well, enough moaning. Time to go over to Dudley. ( better take a bag of crumbs so I can get home). Dave

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  • You're probably already there (or back) by now Dave. Your past experience of the DWP is breathtaking in its level of harshness & ignorance.

    I hope the CAB chap can get you through your next appeal and the tests at Birmingham will reveal the results necessary to back you up further.

    What a heartless regime we're living under

    .................must ask though, are you travelling back by pigeon (hence the bag of crumbs) . xx

  • Thanks for that reply Cat. I got back about 30 mins ago. I was with him for around 2 hours, but I now know not to try forms such as PIP alone again. As he asked the questions I answered him in a totally different way to how I would when filling in the form myself. I'll post it off tomorrow with a note explaining there will be a little more after the hospital appointment. The crumbs were as in Hansel and Gretel, and as such the pigeons had the lot. As things happen I'll keep you posted. Dave x

  • Glad you were given a good hearing Dave & hope it results in a sucessful appeal. And, yes, do let us know how you get on. Cat x

  • Poor you. I hope that you get better soon!

  • Thankyou for your wishes. Dave x

  • Your welcome.

  • Eee Dave, it's like banging your head on a brick wall ( not recommended ! ) trying to get through to these DWP people isn't it ? I experienced similar dishonesty with ESA. Sigh. As if being disabled is not enough in itself to contend with. Wishing you success, Angela x

  • Yeah, too true Angela. No wonder people get p'd off with the state of the social services. I'm losing confidence in them altogether. It's a good job I have you all on the site. Dave x

  • Gopd luck with the appeal let us know how you get on x x

  • Thanks, will do. I posted the paperwork on Saturday and since have been worrying, " have I put that in, could it have been put better?". Even using the CAB you can bet it's not going to be good enough. Dave x

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