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Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise. I have just contacted my consultant's secretary. I am advised that I am able to fly but I will be classed as high risk by insurers because of the cabin pressure. I am hoping to go back to itsa long haul flight. Has anybody any experience of insurers, recommendations, advise or experience they could share. How much it may cost etc.....Thanks folks

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  • Hi sandi07,

    Thank you for your question.

    If the doctor has said you are able to fly you can go ahead and let the insurer decide whether to charge an increased premium or not. With a pre-existing medical condition it is likely that you will pay more, but by shopping around for the best quote you should be able to find some good cover.

    You can find out more on our website at

    This page includes a link to the Headway Policy Direct travel insurance, and you can also download our 'Holidays and travel' factsheet that includes a list of providers.

    I hope this helps - please let us know if you have any problems.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi

    My partner had the same problem (had TBI about 6 months prior to taking out the insurance but i shopped about and got a reasonable priced

    one (in fact it was more expensive for me (on beta blockers!) than it was for him1 It cost £244 for the both of us for a year. I was honest with the insurers as there is no point not being in case you have to claim.

    Best of luck


  • Thanks Pollyanne......I thought it would be a lot more.....whare did you go ? WAs it in Europe or further afield?

  • Hi- I just took it out for Europe for the year. the company was TRAVEL INSURANCE MEDICAL-ggod luck and hope that helps!


  • Hi....Yes thanks. It is for long haul...but it is a one off trip rather than a year insurance. Thanks again

  • Hi Sandi07

    I have used Insure&go for several years since my SAH & found them very helpful & competatively priced. On first use you have to do an over the phone medical screening which wasn't hard. Subsequent trips they have had my details to hand so very easy.

    I don't know what sort of brain problem you have but in my case I find travelling in any form very tiring, especially flying. 8 years on from SAH I finally did big long promised trip to Kenya, 9 hour flight. Definately worth it but I do always have a 'hang-over' for day or two afterwards. (not from alcohol sadly :)

    Good luck

  • Hi, That was very was a SAH too. I have been to Cuba before and even before the SAH I needed a day to recover from flight.....don't mind lying by pool at all :) :) I could wait a couple of days for my pina colada.....I had previously went with my fiance but we split up before I ended up in hospital....and then with the SAH...thought everything was all over for me.....but things picking up and at least now I feel I can get my dream escape......Kenya sounds wonderful too....I will contact "Insure and go" and get the ball rolling.......This is the first thing that has got me excited after the SAH.....I am beginning to feel more optimistic about the future.....Thanks again......Wouldn.t it be good if Headway did organised holidays etc....I am sure there would be quite a few people on their own who would like to get away but would prefer to go in a group. Maybe I will put up a post and see what response I get.......:)

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