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I wrote a while back about my holiday nerves. Just wanted to post an update.

I spent a few days with my family planning a holiday and told them all about my worries. Just talking it through helped.

I am usually a tent in a rucksack wing it when we get there traveller.

For the first time I have booked an all inclusive sit on a beach and do bugger all holiday in a hotel in Turke., Suggested by my lovely. Lovely daughter.

So excited!

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone here for their reassuring comments when I was having the herby jeebies! If I can get online out there I'll try and post a postcard of some kind!


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That is good to hear, and i hope you have a wonderful time

Thank you!

Just noticed my spell check herby jeebies! Ha ha! They were Heebie jeebies! Less flavoursome but a bit more scary!

wow well done you enjoy well deserved break with your family i for one am ver envious

Thanks! The next step is not getting anxious about the credit card bill!! Hey! Ho!

That's so great to hear, good on you! Glad you were able to talk it through with your family too. Hope you have a really fab, relaxing time and get some lovely WARM sun (remember that stuff?!).

All the best.

Its a distant memory. Was it a glowing thing floating behind the clouds?

Thanks all.


Hi. I did the same with my wife in egypt last week. I can honestly say it was the closest i have felt to being like i was before the accident. I think the fact that there is absolutely nothing at all to think about or worry for.

Have a great time and let us know how you get on. that really you, Paul ? I am beaming like a Cheshire cat having seen your comments and the way you're now embracing this holiday.

I am so seriously happy for you and I bet your family are really proud of you for fighting off the 'herby jeebies'.

Best wishes to you all.

Love, cat xx

Herby jeebies put to rest for now. thanks Cat.


My daughter did promise me that if my worst fears happened and I became catatonic in a foreign hospital she would push me out to sea on a lilo with a slow puncture. She's to kind to me sometimes.

enjoy have a good time i am really pleased for you,cos it worked for me

Cheers and thanks.

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