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holiday insurance

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aftr brain aneurysm rupture in july 2012 will this affect my travel insurance when i go abroad in august

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all i can advise is to ask since my sah in 2007 i have managed to obtain life insurance and critical illness cover with declaring my injury

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ricozoe in reply to ncmurphy1951

thanyou im determined to ave a holiday this year just hoping it can be abroad

if any help axa and aviva appear to be the best of if you over 50 rias or if their tv adverts are to be believed staysure the one with the selfish cow going for a beano with the girls in venice while hubby not well suppose they think its funny neil

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thanks il have a look at them ope alls ok for you

You might wish to consider a holiday within the EU. That way most of your medical costs are covered with an EHIC. Of course, it doesn't cover repatriation.

be careful ith eu one must have a blue nhs card if needed they may take it make sure you get a receipt for it or the card back and written confirmation that they have the number my family didnt do that the spanish lost my card and i got billed 150k euro for my brain operaion although my mp is on the case and proved uk health has paid the spanish gov but the funds have yet to reach the hospoital 6 years on

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Hi ricozoe,

Thank you for your question about travel insurance.

Unfortunately travel insurance is likely to be more difficult to find after a brain injury, especially within the first few years. It is important to declare any medical conditions, and there may be some companies who will not offer insurance as a result, or will offer only limited cover.

The EHIC is important for travel within the EU, but it is best used to complement a comprehensive travel insurance policy, rather than replace it.

You can find some information on travel and insurance with a pre-existing medical condition on our 'Holidays and Travel' factsheet, which you can download from

Headway also offers a travel insurance scheme through a company called Policy Direct. You can read more about this and access the policy website at

I hope this information helps, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best wishes,


thankyou so much fr your help with this

We had a family holiday in Florida already planned and only 6 months away when David had his injury. Once we knew he had recovered enough to be able to travel we contacted one of the Headway recommended insurers and got cover that wasn't too expensive even though we told them all about his very recent brain injury as well as the collapsed lung and broken bones. To back up what Headway has said it is really important to give the insurers as much information as you can before you go on the holiday, they need to be fully informed about your condition in advance so that they can provide the proper help if something does happen while you are away.

Do get insurance, even though I am sure you will be fine. The peace of mind from knowing that David was fully covered really helped us all to have a fantastic (and much needed) holiday!

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ricozoe in reply to davesdad

thankyou fr your reply i will do it through one insurer that headway knows i have to gt my dghtr to srt it with me or ill forget lol

Lol - yes I know what it is like! It might be good to get a hand from your daughter - the insurers can ask some complicated questions but just answer them as best you can, they will ask again if they need more info. Your hospital consultant or GP might be able to help if they ask something using really "medical" language

All the best!

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