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Hi everyone. 

I've been rather quiet, as I've been away on holiday, to Zimbabwe and South Africa, to visit my family and friends, and also, my Granddaughter, Olivia!

It as so nice seeing everyone, especially my two sons, and my 4 month old granddaughter!

I hope you are all well!

Love Debs

( I am putting a photo of Olivia )

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Oh Wow what a lovely photo of your ?you and your adorable granddaughter.  I bet you had a lovely time and such a tonic to be away for a while on holiday.  Bet the leaving was hard and no doubt you wish you were still living nearby. x

Too right! Very hard to leave there, but I think that working in the Brain Rehab work at the hospital gives me more purpose now!

That's what I struggle with - the lack of sense of purpose - now I am no longer able to work.  Tried volunteering but couldn't even manage that! Guess it will make the visits to see the family all the more special as its not able to be such a regular thing for you. x

Yup! Thanks xx

A lovely photo !  Olivia is gorgeous !  

It must have been lovely to get away from the cold of Uk and visit family.

Brain rehab unit must help as  nobody knows like we do how hard it is to live with BI and life after.

Sounds like you had a lovely time. 

Nutkin33 in reply to Sem2011

I sure did! Thanks xx

CUTE! so glad you had a nice holiday

Nutkin33 in reply to razyheath43

Thanks! 😉

Wonderful photo :) 

Nutkin33 in reply to Elenor3

Thank you! 😉

Looks like you had a fab time Debs and Olivia is ubercute !

So pleased  that you are working in Brain Rehab - you will make such a difference to fellow sufferers : ) x

Beautiful little girl.

Happy to have you back and safe. Hope you had a lovely time and a re fully recovered from the rigours of the travelling.

Love n hugs


Yes I am now! Thanks! Xx

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