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I am a lucky one

Can I start by explaining the back ground to writing this? I travel to work with someone who's father suffered a brain haemorragh, like me- and I said to him that I felt funny writing my story on here because I was such a lucky one. His reply, was that some people want to hear a good outcome, so they can stay positive. So i have decided to tell you my story, and show anyone that reads it that sometimes, some people are very lucky.

It was 2005, I got out of a bath around 10pm and dried myself, as i made my way downstairs I felt a pain in my head, and the 'spaced out' feeling began. I said to my friend that something was wrong, and my state declined rapidly. The sickness began, which in turn caused intense head pain. I was sensitive to lght and detieriorating, but being a stubborn man I refused a doctor. This carried on all night and all the next day, and deep down I was worried.

That night an emergency doctor was called and they thought I may have meneingitis. I was given pain killers and stomach settlers.

A full day later and I finally gave in to demands to see another doctor. I went to an emergency clinic at 10pm on the Saturday night (this started on the Thursday), and was told to get to hospital immediately. A&E on a Saturday night and I was eventually seen at 3 in the morning and scanned at 5 Sunday morning. I had a ruptured annuerysm and subarachnoid haemorragh.

A bed finally became available at Kings later that day and at 8pm Sunday I was rushed there. My coil embolisation was done on the Tuesday.

Rehabilitation was quick for me and after a little over a week later, I was back in my local hospital. Whilst there I would spend time in the restuarant with friends (I did keep forgetting what we talking about though!!).

I saw the nurse that looked after me on the Sunday I went in, and she looked shocked 'your alive then? we thought we'd lose you' That brought home the severity of my situation- that I had basically refused to accept was life threatening.

My recovery went without a hitch, short term memory gliches stopped and I returned to full health.

I would like to close with a message of support for the victims and families of brain injuries, not all of you will be as lucky as i was, but some will, and we will continue to support Headway- so they can support the ones that need more help.

Stay positive, there are people out there doing all they can to help.

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having survived a brain hemmoraghe in 2007 we are all lucky tro ne here but hopefully take great insiration from the glorious paralympians if they can win medals with no legs and arms or troops fighting wars who make the ultimate sacrifuce often leaving wives and kids we have lots to do contribute and conquer every day a blessing


Hi, my goodness, my 'head trauma' was nearly exactly the same as yours a year ago! I too feel so grateful and lucky. Im still struggling some days, with my short term memory and hearing but know who much worse it could have been

Thank you for sharing everything, its nice to have people to share things with and know that they will understand

take care


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