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Yes, I have a brain injury, but no, I am not thick.

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Just need a quick vent.....

Today I had a steroid injection in my thumb at my local hospital. Very efficient lady did it, very little pain, very pleased. I won't bore you with the details, but I had to explain to her that I have great difficulties with organising my thoughts, remembering stuff, planning ANYTHING etc. (All the executive functioning stuff.) I had mentioned that I get help from Headway and that it is over three years since my injury. I realise that she was trying to be helpful, but when she suggested that I could try writing a list.......... I just couldn't believe that she would assume that I hadn't tried that. In three years.

Sorry, I know she was trying to be helpful, but I do actually still have my intelligence. I have come across a lot of people who assume that anyone with a brain injury is somehow stupid. It also works the other way in that I get lots of people who don't believe I have a brain injury because I can (usually) string a sentence together.


If you have managed to read this, thanks! Just had to share it with people who understand.

Thanks, I feel better for doing that! 😀

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Ignorance will be a massive hurdle, I had my injury in Jan 2019 and have lost both family and friends. I draw lines and anyone who can't/won't begin to understand I've changed I can't begin or have the energy to explain it over and over again so I am rebuilding my network of friends ect from scratch. Stupid what brain jokes I can't except.

You are a good person, I also had a tbi I was four when it happened and I still feel the affects today I don’t really like going into detail as I am some what worried that people will think of me I can’t even do simple things like adding and so on I struggle with reading and more my memory is poor I don’t like it but I have to deal with it it is a load harder when you have a brain injury

As Jason says, ignorance a hurdle. My partner had a TBI nearly 2 years ago, now has executive dysfunction problems that nobody gets! It's such a difficult result of brain injury to get help and support for.....xx

Hi Marnie, I see it like this; I've been living eight years now with my tbi and quite frankly, I've learnt to deal with the ignorance of the general public. At the end of the day I can't expect everybody to understand something that's taken myself a long time to understand and deal with, with first hand experience. I've learnt, for most part, to brush it aside, but as Jason says, when it's those who are close to you who are not prepared to try and understand, that cuts a little bit deeper!

I know it can be very frustrating, but I'm sure that doctor has probably forgoten all about you and probably did so by the same evening, so you should just do the same and worry about what's important in your life.

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Thank you. I appreciate your advice.😊

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