Opposite of Brain Fatigue...? (for a change)

Hi All,

Just a thought as the title says. Rode Moto Cross yesterday and had a fantastic day and was still buzzing when I went to bed at 9pm but couldn't sleep, tried all the usual things like reading and soup but still no good. Usually I'm knackered and go to sleep really quickly but just couldn't get off. 

Could it be the frontal lobe cognitive brain was over stimulated and just couldn't switch off or just the opposite of brain fatigue in that just couldn't sleep. 

Wondered if anyone else has had this problem as its a new one for me.

Have a fantastic Sunday people. XX Nick

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  • Glad you had a good day - "buzzing" probably says it all :-)  Bit like children getting over excited/ over tired ? But it's good that you had the positive experience overall ....  Whatever I do I can't seem to find a "high" on any emotional front ..... ( maybe that's why I always feel tired however much sleep I have?) 

    Pre BI if I'd been on a really good evening out or something I would often have to wind down with a cuppa and toast to calm before bed time. 

    Hope you have a restful day and be glad that you had the positive emotion perhaps ? 

    K :-) 

  • Hi Moo, Love tea and toast, ill try that next time instead of soup and bread. N

  • Nooo, not TEA and toast, tea is crammed full of caffine, even more so than coffee, you would really then be ricocheying off the ceiling!! Hot chocolate, ie milk and chocolate  and sugar = fast asleep!!

  • Frozen cardamon and lemon tea...

  • I had simular last night, I had been out on one of my bikes and had a lovely day had a takeaway watched a film but didn't unwind enough to sleep until 1/2 AM.

    I find bike riding while tiring physically, doesn't seem to tire my brain out, no idea why.

    sounds like you had a good day? I had a really nice day yesturday.

  • I think it must be the cog stuff in riding MX and the physical effort, usually I'm knackered and fall asleep instantly but not last night. Hopefully will tonight. Thanks Roger. N

  • Sorry to be late to the conversation and I just want to offer another possible explanation.

    It may be that because it was after doing something you had been passionate about before the bi ...the combination of the pride and enjoyment causes a touch of conflict in the brain.  Especially so when such emotions are not easily accessed in normal day to day life.

    Just a thought

    Love n hugs


  • I sometimes have this. There are lots of triggers: a conflict with a stranger (see my last post on this forum if you're interested), really vigorous exercise, a looming deadline.

    As I'm thinking about it now I wonder whether, as BI folk, those areas of our brain which regulate the release of chemicals (which I imagine flow pretty easily in uninjured brains) need specific stimulation to jolt into action, and then the chemicals, whether they be endorphins or adrenaline or whatever, are too unfamiliar to our brains for us to process them very easily and that then keeps us awake. And maybe the triggers are different depending on the individual (as so many of our injuries are different). Probably not, but it's an interesting area to look into. I'll probably forget before I do any research, of course!

  • I think you are absolutely right fuzzy, my brain was not releasing any sleeping chemicals last night, no endorphins must have been caffeine I think. Funny too as my accident was MX related I was thinking about riding while trying to sleep but that didn't help. I remember being in the hospital just after it happened and not being able to sleep may be that was a trigger. Nick 

  • Hi Fuzz, you've definitely got a point there.  I've been trying to figure something similar out.  I've been prescribed a certain drug, which I have been reticent about taking, then 10 days ago I thought, 'Lets give it a go', took one pill, very unfavourable result (that's another story), one of the least dramatic results was my skin going all sweaty and tingly.  About 6 months ago I stopped using deodrant as I didn't seem to need it, after this episode, the next day, I suddenly found I could 'smell' myself! And found I was damp in my arm pits for the first time in ages. This happened the next day as well, so I started using deodrant again, thinking that something has been jolted awake. Now, 10 days later, I'm back to not needing a deodrant.  Something has obviously stopped secreting a cetain chemical, and this horrid drug stimulated it.  Whether I'm brave enough to give this drug another trial, remains to be seen!

  • Yes your brain goes into overload you keep on doing things until you get exhausted confusion hits you crash n burn then eventually sleep x

  • Same here, I seem unable to stop 'doing stuff' some days and have great difficulty getting to sleep at night. Walking miles during the day makes no difference if I'm having a 'manic' day of non stop things to do. Radio to go to sleep /lay awake listening to was good for the first few moths, but now that hubby is back - it's headphones - and that tends to keep me awake - sometimes for hours :( It's all or nothig it seems. Worrying about the world and his wife is also an issue lol - I'm like 'switch offffffff' to myself but it's hopeless - the exhausted brain doesn't seem to know how to stop. Arghh!!'

  • Ha ha switching off from work is the tough bit but switching off from riding is harder. No rest for the wicked eh. X

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