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would you share your story? photo story? Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

Hi there,

My name is Sean Carroll and i am a Photographer based in Coventry. Since March 2012 i have been developing a project on my Father who suffered a Sub-Arachnoid Haemorrhage on Saturday 27th July 1996. The Catalyst for the project was also due to the recent Welfare Reform Bill. I have recently started a Blog for my Father to write down his thoughts and stories so he and I can archive them. It will also become an online platform for this project. I really would like to now open this blog up to other SAH survivors and give them a chance to share their story and even get willing people involved with the project.

If you are interested in this then i would really like to hear from you and we can discuss in more information the project ideas.

Here are some links to the work so far so you can get more of an idea into the way in which i'm telling my Fathers story.

doesnotsuggest.wordpress.com/ - the project blog

doesnotsuggest.wordpress.co... Especially my Fathers Story

foto8.com/new/online/photo-... - Online Photo Feature

peanutbutterthoughts.com/se... - Exhibition Advertisment and Photo feature

and also my Website seancarroll.co.uk

Please feel free to ask any questions i'd really like to hear from you! Please send me a Private message and i can give you more information. Thank you!

Sean Carroll

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hi there....yes please....I am a sah survivor in my 5th year...A divorced mum of four and my two youngest are my primary carers....and Oh boy do people need to be educated.

Kind regards,



Excellent, yeah if you would like to check out some of the work i have been doing so far with my Father and send me an email i can give you some more information! Yes, definatly. i'm looking forward to speaking with you.



Brilliant idea. I can send you some of my pictures that were taken of me. I also have a ppt presentation of my recovery to educate GP on the use of exercise referral to help in the recovery process. Education is so important. I am 18mths into my recovery from a SAH and vasospasm. I am a mum with 3 kids and I left hospital with severe speech and writing problems. I am now working with NHS trainers to promote exercise referral as a treatment programme for SAH. For brain injuries getting the flow of oxygen improved is essential. If want to find out more please get in contact. I am even doing a 110 miles from Great Yarmouth to Addenbrookes in the summer of next year to raise awareness of SAH too. Happy to tell you more, maybe we could work together. Good luck.


Oh Alice, is the walk just for yourself? Xx


Hi, I am hoping to get lots of people to join in even if it is for one of the sections on the way. I am currently getting the details sorted out. I will then post it so people can sign up to join the full walk or bits of it. Xx


sean outrstanding idea i did the same myself i had a sah on 2007 i will mail u seperatly my thoughts experiences and struggles and challenges and of couse the successes

neil murphy


Hi, I am Sandra, I am a 51 year young woman and I had my SAH in May this year...early days...but even already I could write a book....I too am interested in the Welfare Reform proposed, more importnantly how these reforms will affect vulnerable people. I have struggled in many ways since May....and I still face challenges.....what I do have on my side is determination......I would love to be involved in your project and hope it will raise awareness....I will read up on your links and give some input........................Great Idea Sean, and sounds like a exciting project.......


Hi, I suffered a severe sub arachnoid hemorrhage almost 5 years ago - whilst having sex!! Yup, scared the hell outta my boyfriends when I had a massive fit, stopped breathing and turned blue! Luckily his panic made him throw me around the bed which restarted me breathing! he phoned 999, the lady operator guided him through making me breath again and again whilst he waited for the ambulance to arrive. I was taken to Morriston Hospital where after several hours I was given a MRI scan, and an sub arachnoid bleed was diagnosed. I remember very about that night, I do remember being taken down for surgery the next morning and asking if I was going to die, the surgeon honestly told me it was 50/50. The front of my head was shaved, that hurt like hell - think it was the noise and vibration that caused the pain as it was directly over my bleed. I came round on and off for a week, then woke fully after 8 days and was taken onto a general recovery ward where I stayed for a further 7 days. Then home with really no preparation for the struggle I and my family was to face during the rest of my life. I could walk short distances, and my cognitive skills were impaired, but I was alive and full of hope. As time moved on it became evident I wasn't recovering very fast at all, eventually I had to face the fact that if I wanted any kind of fullness in my life I would need to use a wheel chair outside of the home, as I fell a lot because my automatic response part of the brain has been affected. I no longer walk automatically - I have to think long and hard to take each step, which is exhausting in itself. Now 5 years on, I am still in a wheelchair outside the home, but can get around the house holding onto furniture or using sticks. My cognitive skills are still very poor. I was lost and along and felt like I was going mad until I found the Headway Swansea group which has truley been a lifeline for me. I won't go on and on - but if you'd like any more info let me know, I will gladly pass on my experiences if they will help someone - brain injury of any kind is so very cruel and there is so little understanding in the 'outside world'


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