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i just want to stay in bed today !


hi fol;ks,

well im having one of "those" days today i woke my man at 6.30 made us tea and sent him off to work when that feeling came upon me once again, i feel so very exhausted but for no reason ive not been overdoing it too much but since my injury this is how i am somedays i feel bright and happy and full of get up n go and other days i feel like my get up n go got up n went ! so today i will take it nice and very slow rest up and see what tomorrow brings :) hope you have a good day if so tell me about it cos im not doing much and will enjoy reading about yours :) .............

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as with all of us my advice is smil laugh set a plan and see it through life deals us foul blows but we still here much yet to achieve and preove people wrong neil stroke 2007

thanks neil im still smiling im not upset i have a plan im just taking my time with it ! :)

My husband has days like these, we now call them treat days. As he spends the day in bed or wrapped up on the sofa and gets to watch his fav tv or film and I bring him his comfort food and drinks. The children snuggle up with him and we all have a quiet , rest day and usually that helps to make his va va voom come back x x

fabulous i love it we do that when my man is not working and i feel that way im snuggled up on my bed had a vidoe chat with my grandchildren and watchig tv ! a friend just called me so we are going to talk again in an hour see how im feeling think i may get washed and dressed and have a tiny walk to meet her for coffee then i will have had some fresh air and company for an hour too :) things tend to come together after that and ill be cooking dinner for when my man gets home all done very slowly at my pace no need to rush around thanks for your message nice to know others do the same thing sometimes too :) xx

Hi, has taken me a long time to accept the fact that life now has to be at a slower pace! Got a bus into town today and have visited nice coffee shops just watching people and reading a little! Just fancied company of people but didn't want the pressure of talking if that makes sense? Hope you feel better and rested tomorrow x

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thanks for your comment i try to just accept my rest days now but its not easy sometimes not being able to make firm plans but hey we get used to it feeling good today been out at my headway group which i always really enjoy x

Before my BI I was a very busy person and I sometimes find it hard to realise that I cannot be like that anymore. I always feel guilty when I have a rest day though I am more and more starting to enjoy it and am stopping beating myself up for not doing things. I try to find restful things to do like sewing or reading so I don't feel guilty for doing nothing and that way it seems more of a treat for me.

hi thanks for your comment like you i was always a very active busy person before all this and i have only just stopped feeling guilty for my rest days i kept myself occupied baking and reading in the end which i always enjoy :) x

Today i am having one of those days . in fact i am having one of those weeks. muscles, joints and head are weak and slow. my get up and go has got up and gone... it will be back i am sure but it's in the mean time! i have no partner to support me or family, they let me get on with things. thing is i have children who punish me in there own way for me being this way. I feel so guilty.

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