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dont want to be a let down.

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All through BI recovery I have been very lucky in just about every way. Lucky to have even survived then lucky to recover as quickly as I did. My main issue being balance which meant I needed a few weeks of physio to get walking again. Short term memory was effected a bit forgetting to lock doors and turn oven off but got through. The main problem for me has been feeling lonely. Having my nan pass away in 2013 the year after my BI left me with just my mum and a younger cousin in family. I joined headway but all the things I signed up for got cancelled due to not enough interest. Me and my mum moved areas in 2016 as my mums mate who was the main person we saw and spoke to had moved months earlier.

So in new place Bridlington from Rotherham. My mum thought there may be more for me to do or some group to join to get to know people. Tried a few free courses at local library which wasn’t much good as never got to know anyone as they were only a few week courses. No headway near by. Then one night my mums mate told us about a new BI group she had seen advertised. A man who had BI in 2012 had set one up. I went for an appointment to find out what it was like and see what it could offer. Had one to one with a woman who has a brother who had BI 15 years ago. It was decided that I didn’t need one to one meetings but wanted to meet others in same situation so started going each week to social times and an allotment. Along with occasional days out.

Now I’ve been going to the group since May. I am now getting involved with exercise and health. They have got a few people including me in a Fitbit group. This is a thing you wear like a watch to count how many steps you do a day. We can set up challenges and compete with each other. I am more a go along with others person. A man in the group has said he wants to run a marathon so that has got woman who’s brother has BI to encourage rest of us to do running. We are doing a 5km walk/run next month. I have never been bothered over running, but somehow ended up starting tiny bits of running. Then one week few week ago the man who set group up heard the man who wants to run marathon talking to me about running. So he said he would set a time up to give me some training. He hardly ever has time for anything and the woman didn’t think he would go through with it. This week has been the week he said we would start. Today we have spoken and gone through few things my fitness, daily exercise etc. I’ve got to keep food dairy this week as I’ve admitted my weak point is food, I like anything and everything that is sweet. Buns, cakes, donuts, cream, so obviously need to cut down on that. Only starting off doing like 20min run and walk to start with but I think I will be wanting more as it will be more enjoyable with someone. Trouble is I live like 45 min train ride away so going to struggle fitting it in apart from days I go to the group which is Tuesday and Wednesday and he would prefer when I’m ready for 2 days it not be 2 days together or he feels it could be too much. Think I will have to talk to him in few week. The woman took me home today and she said she is surprised at the man making time to help me as he’s never done it with anyone before and there are a few others who he could work with so I’m determined to keep at this and improve myself and after seeing how easy I’ve had recovering from BI at side of others I’m ready for this even though it will be toughest battle especially the food part.

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running is a very time friendly exercise both for burning calories, and hence cakes! And increasing fitness.

My uncle runs mainly so he can eat cake!

Yea that’s what I’m thinking lol. Also thinking next week I will suggest doing some exersize on the Tuesday then he can see how I seem on the Wednesday and if he thinks I’m ok start doing some on Wednesday as well. I’m saying let him see how I seem as I’m sure I’ll be fine and not one to admit if I did struggle especially as it would be better for me not having to pay to travel extra day.

Well tomorrow is my first session. Looking forward to it and going to do my best. The woman who works with the man who’s doing my personal training has challenged me to losing a stone in weight before her so competition on. At weekend I met with woman and went for a walk and did some running. She really did push me to do more than I normally would and I did enjoy it. I’m guessing tomorrow will be at least bit easier as the man does seem to be on cautious side. Today he’s been like saying make sure I will be comfortable in clothes and trainers and we mite get something to eat after. Got allotment after so he can see I’ll be fine should put his mind at ease more.

Well 2 sessions I’m going well. Not able to run as long as I would like yet, but from never running before to running slow for up to 5 min is progress. Both sessions up to now I have suprised my personal trainer by managing more than he thought I could. We seem to have different ideas to what length sessions and how much I can manage he is on cautious side I’m like wanting longer.

I think he’s wanting to be doing running full session rather than run walk run walk like we have today. If nothing else I’m drinking more water as he is always telling me to make sure I drink enough so I drink it to keep him happy really. Going to get him to set me targets and when I meet targets then increase length of session. That way it’s something to aim towards for me and it’s not going to be difference in opinion between us.

Are you at all competitive? If so you can track your run and compare to others and see what routes they have run, using apps on your phone or wearables etc, Strava is the big one at least from cycling side but there are loads out there, I personally just like the maps!

Yea very competitive. Got Endomondo app but only me and personal trainer on it up to now. No chance competing with him yet as he regularly runs marathons. He is keeping record of my progress. On exercise bike to start with I go on til I burnt 50 calories first time I did it in 8 minutes today did it in 7 minutes 41 seconds I think. As I got close to 50 calories he mentioned that I had done it in 8 min last time so knowing he was timing me I did push to get quicker time.

Well had last session this year today. After all the pestering I’ve done telling him I can manage more than he thinks and proving it every week he really did test me today. He needed to pick something up from a shop so asked if I wanted to have run with him to shop and back. Well obvious answer of course I did. Jogged 1.3km there with the odd stop to cross road which my pt wasn’t keen on. When we stop to cross road he is like keep jogging, but I just walk on spot I’m not tiring myself out then not managing to complete distance he wants me to do. Had long break in shop then was going to run some walk some back. My PT decided we’d run it all aiming for 1.5 km as we got close he decided I could manage 2km. After all the pushing I’ve done telling him I can manage more than he thinks I had to prove I could manage it.

It’s clear now to us both I can manage longer but like to have short breaks between runs. He prefers longer runs. So I’m thinking I’m going to ask if he can do longer session when I can run a certain distance without stopping. Honestly loving the personal training but think it’s a good thing having a break over Xmas as my PT is adding longer runs quite fast now so least now I got few week to get used to running upto 2km. I am never going to stop running in a session til I get to target distance unless I’m hurt or something.

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